Appcelerator is Saturday Lunch sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Appcelerator is sponsoring Lunch on Saturday at Over the Air 2011.

Appcelerator helps Web developers create Mobile, ambulance Tablet, and Desktop applications.

The success of iPhone and Android, the emergence of Tablet computing, and the promise of Desktop Linux have created great opportunities for application developers … as well as created a new set of challenges. While the market for applications is larger than ever before, developing and supporting multiple platforms can be complicated and expensive. Enter Appcelerator, a new platform and services company that is enabling Web developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop platforms.

The Titanium Developer Platform makes cross-platform native application development easy.

A free and open source application development platform, Titanium lets you create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Learn More.

Liz Myers of the London Titanium Group will be giving a workshop on From zero to App-Super-Hero with Titanium on Friday at 18:00 in the Library.

You may be interested to know that Appcelerator had their first ever developer conference in September – slides and keynote presentations are available here:
Be sure to check out their developer contest for the best Twitter client library implementation – details here: