Mozilla Festival discount for OTA Attendees

The Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom And the Web is on it’s way to London town, and Dees (@cyberdees) is offering attendees of OTA11 a 50% discount when you choose the Student & Partner Community Member option when registering to attend.

The event will be held at the fantastic Ravensbourne College opposite the O2/Millenium Dome during November 4-6. Think 400+ developers, designers, journalists and kids looking at the Future of Journalism…

And you gotta love their byline: “Less Yak, More Hack”!


Power of One discount for OTA Attendees

As an attendee of Over The Air, the organisers of the Power of One Conference are offering a special 50% discount, just use the code OTA when booking at (yes, the newsletter said 20% – it’s now 50% FTW!)

Power Of One is a celebration of a tipping point. The power is now with the small agile organisation that through technology can change the world. This one day event is designed to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs and developers.

The event will be looking back at past experiences of starting tech businesses from scratch and looking forward to new possibilities and opportunities that abound, and will help you find the best ways to get your ideas heard and how to get funding to turn them into reality.

Tickets are only £99 + VAT (minus 50% with your discount code), which includes the conference, plenty of coffee, food, and a party at the venue after the talks with free beer.

You will also be one of the last people to set foot inside the iconic Battersea Power Station before it closes for long-term for redevelopment.

Audience Vote – The results are in!

….drum roll please….

The winner of £1,000 cash awarded by the most important people at the event (that’s you) – is Stephen Nicholas for QuickeR.

(Read Stephen’s blog post about his entry)

 The Results of the OTA11 Audience Vote:
Digital Flapjack with the Bletchley Park Guide 7 6%
Sam & Simon with PayPhone Pal 4 4%
Christian with Mini Museum CMS 5 5%
Mutasim with GroupPay 4 4%
Moose_On_Rails with Honey Where are You? 4 4%
Thanks Team Barry with NFCipher Challenge 2 2%
Miss Geeky with MuDo;s 5 5%
Team One with Phone Monitor 5 5%
WhyMCA with Hack the Museum 5 5%
Novodkinsino with Wearable Build Status 4 4%
Enigma Cypher with Enigma Share 6 6%
Hyperiron with Hyperiron 2 2%
Intohand with Ship my Schedule! 1 1%
Stephen Nicholas with QuickeR 20 18%
Dale Lane with Crap Husband Helper 11 10%
Alistair MacDonald with This Postcode 2 2%
Dale Lane with Day in Your Life 1 1%
TxtVia with TxtVia 1 1%
LightBlue with Fanyrd 3 3%
BeatDom with FigRescue 5 5%
connFu Blackbelts with Bletchley Park Guide for Feature Phones 4 4%
Team Artisan with I Ain’t Dead Yet 9 8%
Ernesto with OTA Snake Game 2 2%
Number of daily responses

And that’s a wrap.

It’s taken us a couple of days to catch our breath – Over the Air 2011 was a truly amazing gathering of creative and talented developers, informative and passionate speakers, and companies that are wonderfully supportive of the whole community. Not to mention the weather. Wow, the weather! (An October record apparently)

It’s exactly this buzzing combination of community & creativity & energy that makes all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes absolutely worth it. When I see that first stream of attendees arriving at the registration tables, I always think “it’s yours now, my part’s done”.

In fact, we hit a new record ourselves: over 600 people came to the event over the weekend, with nearly 500 with us for lunch on Friday. For any of you that were at the Friday evening Ignite Bletchley Park talks, I think you’ll agree that an epic amount of pizza was consumed as well! The head-count in the Mansion at 2:00 am (which doesn’t include those in the Marquee or in tents on the lawn) was 120. Amazing.

Although OTA11 was free to attend as always, we did ask attendees this year to make a small donation to the Bletchley Park Trust, and we’re thrilled to announce that we managed to raise (at the time of writing this post) £2,293.77 on their behalf. (Please note that the National Museum of Computing is a separate charity, who would very much welcome your support as well.)

We’re also chuffed that the BlueVia team chose OTA11 as the time and place to not only debut their new BlueVia t-shirts, but also to launch ConnFu (which is still in closed beta).

There is an Over the Air Group Pool over on Flickr, if you’ve taken photos, please add them there.

Many of you have taken Instagram shots, like this glorious view of sunrise over the tents on the lawn taken by mdales – we hope you upload those as well.

We’ve asked all of our speakers to upload their slides to Slideshare and tag them ota11 and overtheair; as well as adding them to Lanyrd.

Feel free to add stuff to our Facebook Page as well.

For those of you who missed it, you may want to check out the Twitter feed to get a feel for the goings-on.




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photo by spiritquest on Flickr

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David Vella’s “hastily put together video” on Vimeo.

Bill Thompson’s Ignite Talk on YouTube

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Audio report – The Fonecast – Interview with Dr. Sue Black, Daniel Appelquist & Paul Johnston


Thank-you to our amazing Sponsors

Over the Air 2011 would not have been possible without the financial support of these amazing companies who ‘get’ what we are all about.

But they don’t just help us cover the costs – they run excellent informative workshops, bring out their dev teams to really dig in and help-out the overnight hackers, share lots of goodies, and donate absolutely brilliant prizes to the Hackday competition.

We owe them all a very big THANKS!!