WhyMCA hackday in Bologna – Feb 4th

On 4th of February 2012 in Bologna reality is going to be hacked. WhyMCA, story in collaboration with Microsoft and Nokia, thumb is proud to announce the first Italian hackaton focused on interaction between mobile and reality.
It has been 3 years since Ricardo, Alfredo, Andrea and Paolo (who many of you will have met at OTA10 and OTA11) founded WhyMCA in Italy  as a Mobile Barcamp where professionals and passionate can meet together in an informal event. Since 2009 lot of things have changed and their main focus has moved on to mobile developers and designers – resulting in two developer conferences, four happyhours about cross-platform topics (from mobile gaming to in-app monetization and OpenData) and the first Italian mobile hackathon.

Now the team are ready for the next challenge: Hack Reality, a hackathon where attendees have the opportunity to create hacks on real stuff, mixing together mobile devices with controllers (Arduino, OpenPicus, Netduino), Augmented Reality (Wikitude), games (LEGO MINDSTORMS, Kinect), 3d printing, domotic systems and more. Everything will interact, everything will go mobile, everything in just one day.

The aim is high and tickets have sold out, but we thought you might enjoy watching what more than 80 Italian developers and designers will come up with at the CNR of Bologna on the 4th February.

Visit their site http://www.whymca.org and stay tuned!


Riccardo Bosio Riccardo Bosio@ riccardobosio
Alfredo Morresi Alfredo Morresi: @ rainbowbreeze
Andrea Piovani Andrea Piovani@ andreaaa_p
Paolo Sinelli Paolo Sinelli: @ pasine