OKFN Energy and Climate Hackday this Saturday

If you are passionate about Climate Change, order you may want to join the  Energy and Climate Hackday, taking place on March 3rd at the offices of ThoughtWorks.

The event is organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation in collaboration with the UK Department of Energy and Climate (DECC) and AMEE (amee.com) this event will bring together developers, researchers and data journalists interested in exploring creative solutions to presenting climate and energy data.

This event will give you an opportunity to contribute to some smart applications and data visualisations of the big datasets provided by the World Bank and other international institutions. Whether you have been already involved in projects about environmental awareness or are a climate change skeptic, this event would empower you to make a difference in the way energy and climate data is presented and in showing the big picture of the climate change issue. It is also a chance to interact with other developers in an informal context.

Lunch and drinks would be provided for all participants.

For more information: http://openeconomics.net/2012/02/14/energy-and-climate-hackday/.
Please also sign on MeetUp page: http://www.meetup.com/OpenKnowledgeFoundation/London-GB/609192/