BlueVia is a Gold Sponsor of OTA12

We are pleased to announce that BlueVia is a Gold Sponsor of OTA12.

BlueVia is the new global developer programme from Telefonica that helps developers take apps, seek web services, and ideas to market. Through BlueVia, we are working hard to expose powerful Telefonica capabilities in a simple, frictionless way using web technologies like RESTful API’s and OAuth. We hope you will take our tools and create innovative new products and services. Telefonica can assist you in taking your product to market, or you are free to distribute it in any way you wish.

Ground breaking business models mean that BlueVia offers you multiple opportunities to monetise your ideas. Develop and test your ideas with thousands of Telefonica customers via BlueVia’s beta catalogue. Truly understanding the needs of real customers ahead of launching your product is vital to avoid those deadly one or two star ratings in app stores.

OTA12 Programme

Friday @ 11:15

Francisco Jordano of Telefonica will be presenting the workshop Presenting the Open Web Device at 11:15 in the Drawing Room in the Mansion.

Friday @12:15

Dan Appelquist and Thomas Curtis will be presenting the workshop BlueVia: Year in Review and Looking Ahead at 12:15 in the Drawing Room in the Mansion.

Friday @ 17:00

Sam Machin and Kevin Prince of BlueVia / O2Labs will be presenting the workshop The Lab: Demo Cool Things!on Friday at 17:00 in the Marquee.



Friday @ 18:00

Nick Mullen of Telefonica Digital will be presenting the worksh0p The Making of TU Me on Friday at 18:00 in the Drawing Room in the Mansion


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