Calling all Young Coders – Guest Post from Emma Mulqueeny

The previous year has seen a groundswell of interest and support for the notion that this generation of young people and the next should be equipped with finer digital knowledge. That they should be given the opportunity to create and build digital stuff, viagra 60mg as well as use it. A part of this is learning how to code, cheap ed to programme the increasingly digital world around them.

There are many ways that kids can learn how to code nowadays, online plenty of free tutorials online, and schools are just beginning to make room in the day to include this in the curriculum. But it is ever more about learning through discovery, a bit like the Montessori method for the older child! Learning how to build mobile apps, and hopefully become rich and famous, is obviously a great self-motivator for many young people to get to grips with HTML5 or a variety of platforms and languages and is often a starting point, especially for the teen programmers starting for the first time.

Yet it is as much about learning on your own or through playing with SDKs and APIs as it is about the community, seeing what other people are doing, peer-to-peer learning and experience is critical, and not available in most schools… yet.

This is where events like Over the Air and Young Rewired State play such a great role. This year #OTA12 is implicit in its welcome for the younger programmer, not that they have to hive off somewhere separate and do their own thing, rather an encouragement for them to come along and join in with everything.

I can vouch for the fact that you learn a huge amount at a hack event, it is the most incredible environment for challenging yourself, racing against time and then showing off what you have done – so I would call any of the younger coders to pack up their kit and head over to Over the Air, you will love it, learn a lot and make some lifetime friendships and discover some fabulous mentors.

Of course after Over the Air has run, if you have caugh the bug, you can join in with Young Rewried State and the festival of code in August. Let the Summer of geekly fun begin!

Emma Mulqueeny


Twitter: @hubmum