Camping, Bean bags or Hotel?

The greatest thing about proper hack days is that you get to work as long, or as little, as you like. I find the small hours of the morning my most productive time – hanging around Bletchley Park overnight at Over The Air is going to be one of the coolest work spaces I’ve ever used.

The problem is at some point I suspect we’d all like to get our heads down for a couple of hours – so to aid in that I’ve had a little dig around to find some hotels, and even better, we’ve arranged with Bletchley Park to allow you to pitch tents on the front lawn. (Yep that nice green bit right in front of the house). You’ll also be able to grab a bean bag and find a quiet corner inside the mansion or the marquee – so don’t forget your sleeping bag.

If camping is not your thing then there are a few hotels nearby that may be worth considering – we’re in no way recommending any of these places – they’re just near.