Facebook is a Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Facebook is a Silver Sponsor of OTA12.

Over 500 million users access Facebook from a mobile device every month. Facebook Platform lets you bring these users and their friends to your mobile apps, creating a more engaging and personalized experience for your users as well as helping new users discover your app from stories in the Facebook News Feed.

OTA12 Programme – Friday @ 15:30 & 18:00

Simon Cross and Piyush Mangalick of Facebook Mobile will be presenting the workshop Facebook Open Graph: From Zero to Hero in 60 Minutes on Friday at 15:30 in the Marquee Tent.

Simon Cross will also be presenting the workshop How we build Facebook: shipping thousands of lines of code to over 900 million people, every day on Friday at 18:00 in the Ballroom.

OTA12 Hack Day – The Facebook Open Graph Challenge

The Challenge

In 24 hours, build an iOS, Android or Mobile Web/HTML5 app which integrates with the Facebook Open Graph, and publishes Actions that help a user express their online identity through what they do.

Apps will be judged on:

  • their usefulness and appeal
  • their technical implementation and completeness
  • the value of the resulting Aggregations and Feed Stories to a user’s friends
Extra points will be given to apps which are built for multiple platforms, and make use of advanced features like custom Object and Action references/properties, or iOS and Android native Deep Linking for Open Graph feed stories.
The winners will each receive a Samsung Galaxy SII.

About Facebook’s Developer Tools

It all starts with Facebook’s iOS and Android SDKs: By implementing Facebook Single Sign On for iOS or Android in your native mobile app, you can easily post Open Graph actions which drive social discovery of your application, which drives new downloads via the iOS App Store and Google Play. The iOS and Android SDKs make it less than a day’s work to implement SSO and Open Graph. 7 or the top 10 iOS apps have done so, and this has helped drive their growth towards the top of the app store charts.

Facebook Single Sign On simplifies the login flow down to two clicks and can give you access to a user’s email, social graph and permission to post Open Graph actions to a user’s timeline. The Open Graph allows you to create custom Objects and Actions which model what users can do in your application: listen to songs, cook recipes, read books, review movies, add products to wish lists etc. When posted to Facebook, Open Graph actions appear in ticker, newsfeed and timeline on the both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. In Facebook’s iOS and Android apps, if the user doesn’t have your app installed, these links will send traffic to the download page for you app in the App Store or Google Play. In addition, enabling advanced features like Deep Linking mean users who discover your app via Facebook can be deep-linked into your app meaning you can immediately show them the content shared by that users friends – delivering a great experience for new users.