Pearson is a Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Pearson is a Silver Sponsor of OTA12.

The company behind Penguin Books, the Financial Times and multiple education businesses now has a developer platform. Explore and test our APIs, and build your own applications using our exciting content.

OTA12 Programme – Saturday @ 9:30

Dan Murphy & Lawrie Nichols will be presenting the workshop¬†Making useful & fun apps with content apis… (or, how to code something other than a book reader!) at 9:30 on Saturday in the Ballroom in the Mansion.

Last Autumn Pearson released it’s first set of content APIs. Since then we’ve been busy releasing more data and APIs, sponsoring events and talking to devs. In this workshop we’ll take a walk through some of the things we’ve seen being built, give some tips to consider ,and do a live code demo showing how you can easily build a game in about 30 minutes.