Media & Blog Coverage of OTA12

Press Coverage

FORBES: Android meets Theremin at Over the Air, by Ewan Spence

“Although I couldn’t attend this month’s Over The Air event at Bletchley Park (previously on Forbes…), it’s always fun to see what madness comes out of such a constructive event. This year was no exception.”

WIRED: We need more smartphone based citizen science, by Olivia Solon.

“We need more mobile or tablet-based citizen science initiatives, argued Francois Grey from the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, speaking at the Over The Air hack day at Bletchley Park.

He explained that distributed computing for scientific research has proven to be incredibly useful across a wide range of study, including particle physics, epidemiology and protein analysis. He added that most citizen science projects have focused on PCs, although smartphones could “do a lot of science” thanks to the number of sensors they have. Grey urged developers at the event to consider collaborating with scientists in creating apps for this purpose.”

THE NEXT WEB: The 5th annual Over the Air event marks the Alan Turing Centenary with creative code, by Jamillah Knowles.

“Over the Air was buzzing. That might have been all the coffee ingested by the sleepless hack teams, but it was also down to the enthusiasm and creativity being shared in such a picturesque location.

Of course we can never be sure, but as the original coders of Bletchley Park were known for their sense of fun as well as their tireless work to change the direction of technology and a war, it’s a fair bet that Alan Turing would approve of an event like Over the Air.”

GIGAOM: Over the Air prepares for a very British hack weekend, by Bobbie Johnson.

“It’s nearly 70 years since England’s Bletchley Park first played host to a gaggle of coders, when a team including computing pioneer Alan Turing got together to crack critical Nazi ciphers in a move that was pivotal in winning the Second World War.”

THE NEXT WEB: Facebook’s “Open Graph Challenge” will give developers 24 hours to hack something awesome, by Drew Olanoff.



The Fonecast:—9th-June-2012.aspx

Outriders on Radio 5: Moscow and Bletchley Park

Tue, 5 Jun 12. This week Jamillah returns from Moscow with news of the Internet there and explores Over the Air’s hack event at Bletchley Park. (Duration: 26 mins)

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Documentally Interviews:

  • The unstoppable Tweet by Sam Machin
  • Boots to Gecko with CodePo8
  • Matthew Cashmore on five years of Over the Air
  • Facebook in the shadow of the Colossus
  • A chat with Dan Appelquiest of Blue Via
  • Arrived at Over the Air at Bletchley Park


Blog Coverage

InMobi Developer Blog, by Terence Eden

Over the Air 2012, by Terence Eden on his private blog

Mobile Phone Development Blog – Over the Air 2012 , by Simon Judge

Geoff Ballinger on his Visual Graffiti hack in the Hack Day competition

Dexter Dillinger on the Sequence Blog

Video Coverage

We were able to video many of the talks that took place in the Marquee Tent and have posted them to YouTube. (Check out video coverage captured by the community as well)

Over The air 2012 Closing Keynote, Francois Grey: ‘Citizen Science to Open Science – The Road Ahead’



Over The Air 2012 Hack Day Awards: Hack Day awards from the 2012 ‘Over The Air’ event at Bletchley Park

Over The Air 2012. Opening Keynote, Ariel Waldman: ‘Hacking Science and Space Exploration’



Simon Howard, Blackberry: ‘Embrace the out-of-the-box elegance: eye candy UI with zero effort’

Saul Zakauskas, Paypal: ‘How are Mobile Payment Innovations Disrupting Commerce?’

Hadley Beeman, UK Technology Strategy Board: ‘Introducing the Open Data Institute’

Chris Styles, ARM: ‘Cloud Development with Embedded Controllers and connecting to Wide Area Networks’

Bruce Lawson, Opera Software: ‘Responsive Web Design – The Specs behind the Sex’

Simon Cross, Facebook: Facebook Open Graph: From Zero to Hero in 60 minutes’

Mo McRoberts, BBC: ‘The Space: Building a Broadcaster in a Box’

Kevin S Prince and Sam Machin, 02’s ‘The Lab’: ‘The Lab: Demo Cool Things’

Christian Heilman, Mozilla: If mobiles dont come to the web then the web must come to mobiles’

Made with Marmalade’s coverage of the event on YouTube.

Photo Coverage

Bill Thomson posted some pics to The Bill Blog:

The #ota12 collection on Instagram