Thank-you to our Prize Sponsors

The Hack Day is a central part of Over the Air, with lots of great creativity and hard work through the night – and we are so thrilled that we are able to award an amazing selection of prizes to the winners of the various Hack Day Challenges and categories.

This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and support of the following companies:


O’Reilly Media

For the last two years, the lovely people in the O’Reilly Media London office have donated the most amazingly broad range of practical and useful wireless programming books. Be sure to make good use of the free eBook Voucher that was provided to all attendees!

This year they awarded:

 to Tom Hume for It’s Good to Talk, Terence Eden for Bletchley Sonata, and Team Intohand (Matt Rollings, Tom Durrant, Elliot Long and Kieran Gutteridge) for Live Quiz in the Best Android Entry category.

to Team SDK Dub Remix (Kieran Gutteridge and Chris Ross) for their winning entry Stop Blocking the Beats in the Best iOS Category.

to Team Wendy (Matt O’KeefeDexter Dillinger, Laura Sanders, Trent Walton, Claire Scantlebury, and Matt Hunt) for their entry How Many Beers, in the Best Windows Phone Award

to Team Umbicord (Sandor Toth) for his entry Umbicord in the Best Hardware Hack category.

to Team Threedom (Matt Oakes, Rob Douglas & Luis Abreu) for their winning entry Boot to Threedom in the Best Mobile Web category

to Team QRtists (Tristan Roddis and Nigel Crawley) for their winning entry QR Codebreakers in the Best Tablet category



LEGO Mindstorm have really become a much-loved fixture of Over the Air with a robot hacking session on the workshop programme, and a history of great Hacks on the Demo stage. As they did last year, LEGO have generously given away all of the sets which were used during the workshop session as prizes for the Hack Day.

This year they awarded sets to:


Vodafone Group R&D

Possibly one of the most coveted prizes this year was the Raspberry Pi , more due to the difficulty of obtaining one than it’s market value. Vodafone Group R&D generously awarded an RP to Terence Eden for his entry  Bletchley Sonata, which won the Best in Show award, selected by the Judges.

The winners of  the Vodafone Embedded Hardware Hack Challenge were Ali Bros & Dylan Jones for their entry Dude, Where’s My Car? Ali and Dylan each won an HTC 1 X phone, a k3770 modem, a SIM payt 20 credit, and an mbed, donated by Vodafone.



The Bletchley Park Trust

Along with a Bletchley Park T-shirt, the lovely people at Bletchley Park Trust gave a First Day Cover stamp from the Bletchley Park Post Office, signed by Jean Valentine (one of the original Bletchley Park Wren’s).

This was awarded to Team TACS ( Thomas Hopper) for his winning entry The Bletchley SMS Encryptor in  the Bletchley Park Challenge.



The HMGCC were out large and in style at Over the Air again this year, letting people know about the many great job opportunities on their team, and this year they engraved a Motorola Xoom 2 especially for the event.

This was awarded to Team DoTank (Phil Willoughby) for his winning entry Snique in the Secure Communications Challenge.



Facebook very generously donated a Samsung Galaxy S2, which went to the winners of  the Facebook Open Graph Challenge – Ali Bros & Dylan Jones for their entry Dude, Where’s My Car?



The team at Blackberry very generously donated a Blackberry PlayBook for the Best User Experience award, which went to Team Glitch (William Morland ) for his entry Pepin




The Nokia Team brought a huge box of Lumia 800s with them to the event, some of which they gave away on-the-fly to developers they were having conversations with about the WindowsPhone platform (give us a shout if you were one of the lucky ones!)

The rest they awarded as prizes to:



The team at Samsung, even though they unfortunately couldn’t make it out to the event, very generously awarded an Samsung Galaxy S2 to Team Glitch (William Morland ) for his winning entry Pepin in the Best Use of Open APIs / Open Data category.



Google very generously donated and awarded a Galaxy Nexus to the winners for the Best Android Entry: Tom Hume for It’s Good to Talk, Terence Eden for Bletchley Sonata, and Team Intohand (Matt Rollings, Tom Durrant, Elliot Long and Kieran Gutteridge) for Live Quiz.

DroidCon / WIP

Thibaut Rouffineau of WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership) & the Droidcon London team brought an arm full of awards for the winners of the Best Android Entry:

  1. Free tickets to Droidcon 2012
  2. the book Android in Practice
  3. other Android Goodies…

The awards went to Tom Hume for It’s Good to Talk, Terence Eden for Bletchley Sonata, and Team Intohand (Matt Rollings, Tom Durrant, Elliot Long and Kieran Gutteridge) for Live Quiz.


Ansca Mobile

Although they couldn’t join us this year,  Ansca Mobile  very generously awarded a a Corona Pro subscription  (a value of $349 per year) to Team Recently Engaged (Dom Hodgson and Heather Burke) for their winning entry I Hope This Works in the Best Game Category.


Blue Via awarded a “Goodie Bag of Geekery”, which included a Crumpler bag, a mifi, a fitbit, solar charger & other small electronic gadgets like headphones, & healthy edibles – to Team Hyperiron (Hercules FishermanPaul TannerSarah Mount & Nikita Korotaev) for their winning entry Jatrobot in the Best Use of Other Features Category.