Search for the Heaviest Mobile Website

Our friends at have launched to Heaviest Web Site 2013 Competition

Enter for your chance to win $1000

The web has a weight problem, and mobile devices are struggling. understands that in order to offer a great mobile web experience, you need to optimise your website for performance. This means slimming down your mobile page weight in order for it to load quickly and efficiently.

All over the web there are heavy, poor-performing mobile websites and wants you to find them!

To enter:

  1. Search the web for the largest mobile web site (in kbs) you can find
  2. Use the button below to enter the domain
  3. will perform the official weigh-in and announce the winner on the 28th of September 2013

If you find the mobile website with the largest page weight you will win a whopping $1000.

Unsure how to test a website for it’s mobile page weight? Follow the tutorial blog: Testing your website for mobile performance