51Degrees.mobi announce the winner to their ‘Heaviest Mobile Website’ competition

Earlier this year 51Degrees.mobi gave people the opportunity to nominate frustrating, cialis slow-loading and heavy mobile websites for a chance to win $1000.  The competition has now closed and all website entries have had their final mobile ‘weigh-in’ and James Rosewell announced the winner on stage at OTA 2013.

51winnerCongratulations to Paul Dart, buy who nominated www.cityvoter.com as the heaviest mobile website.

Cityvoter.com weighed in at just over 26mb, order which is equivalent to transferring around 8 average MP3 song files.  Loading just the cityvoter.com homepage would cost over £1 on Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go internet tariff.

The top 5 heaviest mobile websites that were entered into the competition were:

1 – CityVoter.com – 26.6MB

2 – Smugmug.com – 7.23MB

3 – lolblog.com – 5.54MB

4 – firstgreatwestern.co.uk – 4.06MB

5 – store.virginmedia.com – 3.52MB

All of the above websites were listed within the top 75,000 Alexa rank for global websites.

Over 1,000,000 global websites use 51Degrees.mobi Device Detection to optimise their web content cost-effectively for mobile devices.