Citizen Cyberlab is an Event Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that the Citizen Cyberlab is an Event Sponsor of OTA13


The Citizen Cyberlab is a consortium of several Universities + CERN + UNITAR + The Mobile Collective. Together we are building digital tools and platforms for Citizen Science.

Citizen Science is real science done collaboratively by amateurs, stomach volunteers, and enthusiasts around the globe. People are classifying galaxies from their computers, monitoring the health of trees in their community, transcribing weather reports from old naval logs, and gathering data to make a real contribution to scientific research. One emerging branch dubbed “Extreme Citizen Science” provides tools that can be used by any individual, regardless of their level of literacy, to collect, analyse and act on information by using established scientific methods. This allows any community to start a Citizen Science project to deal with the issues that concern them – from biodiversity to food production, involving communities from housing estates in London to hunter-gatherers and forest villagers in the Congo Basin.

Many Citizen Science projects are now taking advantage of mobile phones and tablets for easy data collection, such as iPhone apps for monitoring birds and marine wildlife or the NASA Meteor Counter app. Discussion forums have always played a major role in Citizen Science, but the full potential of Social Media for Citizen Science has only just begun to be tapped.

Some examples of Mobile Media in Citizen Science projects:

  • GeoTag Libya used metadata from photo-sharing sites like flickr and twitter to geo-locate thousands of photos of  areas affected by military operations to help UNOSAT experts assess damage to civilian infrastructure.

  • Aurorasaurus uses twitter to aggregate and share real-time data about aurora borealis sightings around the world.