Mozilla is Marquee Tent Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Mozilla is the Marquee Tent Sponsor of OTA13

mozilla_wordmarkMozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. With Firefox OS we put the web in your pocket, and turn millions of existing web developers into potential phone developers. With that comes also a set of services, tools, and libraries such as Mozilla Brick that use the latest HTML5 features to ease the way apps are built.

Come hear Mozilla @ Over The Air 2013

Now for something completely different (sort of). Instead of music and graphics, Soledad Penades will be talking at about Mozilla Brick and how you can use it to build web apps, one brick at a time (you know, bad puns are a thing).

The conference is Over The Air, held at the mighty, legendary and historical BLETCHLEY PARK. YES! Where Alan Turing and the rest of the gang worked during World War II on breaking the German coded messages. ISN’T IT AMAZING!!?!?!

So, come to Soledad’s session. 27th September, 16h (in lanyrd).

Mortar and bricks will be provided, no need to bring your own. But Soledad will tell you all about baking your own specially designed bricks.