Padajo is Cookie Sponsor of OTA13

We are pleased to announce that the lovely Paul Johnston over at Padajo is sponsoring the cookies again this year! padajologo_large

padajo was started by Paul Johnston in 2009. It is a new kind of consultancy with a focus on delivering ‘best of breed’ mobile solutions and strategy.¬†Paul has spent over 10 years working within the digital world, specialising in high end websites and service strategy and delivery for government departments and blue-chip clients. Having spent time in several UK Digital and Integrated Agencies as Head of Digital and holding senior technical and Project Management roles, Paul had come to recognise that the mobile web and subsequently mobile apps were not properly understood by clients or agencies.Paul started padajo to fill this gap in the market. While there are some that can do the coding for an application there are very few in the UK who fully understand the necessary strategy and integration that a properly considered mobile solution can truly deliver. That’s what padajo is all about.