Be sure to check out the Paper Enigma Challenge

PringlesBe sure to pick up a tin of Pringles when you’re at Over the Air this year, but not just to have a little snack – Franklin Heath have put together a little Paper Engima Challenge for you!
Franklin Heath are the developers of the Enigma Android app, which features realistic animation of the scrambler wheels and other features of using the Enigma machine.

“At least half of the money we raise with this app will be donated to the Bletchley Park Trust, dedicated to preserving the historic site where maths genius and computing pioneer Alan Turing and the other codebreakers worked.”

Read Franklin Heath’s blog post about the app here:

The National Museum of Computing Challenge

The National Museum of Computing is once again pleased to welcome the attendees of Over the Air to Bletchley Park!

The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), physician located at Bletchley Park, online is an independent charity housing the largest collection of functional historic computers in Europe, including a rebuilt Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer. The National Museum of Computing is a separate entity to the Bletchley Park Trust.

TNMOC enables visitors to follow the development of computing from the ultra-secret pioneering efforts of the 1940s through the mainframes of the 1960s and 1970s, and the rise of personal computing in the 1980s. New working exhibits are regularly unveiled and the public can already view a rebuilt and fully operational Colossus, the restoration of the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH computer, an ICL 2966, one of the workhorse mainframes computers of the 1980s, many of the earliest desktops of the 1980s and 1990s, plus the NPL Technology of the Internet Gallery.


The Challenges:

1. Create an Android version of the iPhone App

We currently have an iOS TNMoC App  that was built by one of our volunteers to give an overview of the museum. We are looking for volunteers to help convert it to Android.

2. Create a Timelines App

There are many different timelines to explore at TNMoC. The development of software, operating systems, hardware, gaming, landmarks and women in computing (our latest one). It would be amazing to have an app visitors can use to explore these timelines and for us to be able to update the timelines remotely from a spreadsheet. This would add real context to exhibits on show.

3. Create an Interface to Video Content

 Many of are artefacts are too fragile to demonstrate. However, video exists of them in operation. Can you create  an app that scans via NFC or QR Code beside an artefact to stream video and information about that item to the user?

4. Augment the visitor experience using mobile technology in an innovative way

If you have your own spark of inspiration, perhaps after taking a tour of the Museum, we welcome any other creative ideas as well!

The Prizes

For each member of the winning team, the National Museum of Computing will put together a package from the store, such as a T shirt, Fleece, mug and lapel pin.


Souvenir Shop

A unique Best Game prize, donated by 100%Indie

100% Indie is teaming up with Over the Air to provide a money-can’t-buy prize for this year’s Best Game Award. 

100% Indie is a collaboration between Chillingo, the leading mobile games publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  Spearheaded by Chillingo founders, Chris Byatte and Joe Wee, 100% Indie aims to inspire, foster and support indie developers around the world and help them bring their games to market.
The winner of the Over the Air Best Game Award will be invited to the Chillingo and 100% Indie offices to meet the team and have a one-on-one with Chris and Joe  (publishers of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Contre Jour, among many others) to learn how to get started in the games industry.
chillingo“We’re delighted to be supporting such a well established and yet indie event as this,” says Joe. “The whole ethos of Over the Air is about discovering and nurturing creativity and innovation, which ties in perfectly with our approach to gaming. Inventions from past events have led to real career breaks for many attendees and it’s an excellent hub for research and development, as well as a natural fit for gaming.”

The ‘Kids who Code’ Challenge

Kids should Code

padajologo_largePadajo are excited to announce the ‘Kids who Code’ Challenge. The team at Padajo believe that every kid should learn at least the basics of programming. The future is going to be more and more dictated by technology, and being able to understand will be the start of harnessing that power in the future.

This challenge is here to encourage all youngsters at Over The Air 2013 to code something, however simple or complex, and prove to themselves (and to the rest of us) that starting to code is easy.

The Prize

Makey MakeyThe best submission from an individual or team under the age of 16 (inclusive) is a MaKey MaKey kit. This kit allows you to start creating real-world technology, while having lots of fun (banana pianos anyone?). It also has expansion potential and some great projects online.

Creativity is everything for kids, so this is an open competition. It won’t necessarily be the cleverest or the most complicated submission that wins. We will take into account age and amount of experience in coding as well. It doesn’t even have to be finished!

Python Basics

We are expecting this to produce some of the most exciting hacks of Over The Air 2013 though. Prove that the grown ups have some competition!

There are 3 runners-up prizes of Python Basics which is a book for kids to learn to code. It’s taught us at padajo something as well as being fun and engaging for kids.


The submission can be a piece of coding that runs on a computer, the internet, a phone, uses minecraft or a raspberry pi or MaKey MaKey. It can do anything that you want. You could even aim to make an invisibility shield or a personal TARDIS but I think they may be a little beyond the realms of a weekend hack!

The only requirement is that you tell us who you are, how old you and any team members are, what the hack is, and then you will need to present it at the end.

Don’t worry about the presentation. Just stand up and tell us what it is!

Good luck!


UCL Decide is an Event Sponsor of OTA13

We are pleased to announce that UCL Decide is an Event Sponsor of OTA13


DECIDE is a new support service for London’s top entrepreneurs to help with early stage product development and pre-commercial testing.  In a collaboration with Atos, overnight order DECIDE is launching a private App Store which will see the UCL community turned into a “living lab” for large scale App beta releases, whilst offering UX consulting services along with a device lab at a new hub in central london. Get an exclusive preview and the chance to be one of the first to sign up.

UCL_HELO_Mug_03UCL DECIDE is supported by UCL together with Virgin Media, Alcatel-Lucent, HEFCE and Fujitsu. The project will partner with leading global businesses including the BBC to provide media content and leading technology firm ATOS to provide critical technical infrastructure. DC Thomson and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) have endorsed the need for such a service and are intending to work with the partners as soon as the service is live.

To launch the ‘lab’, UCL will develop a closed, university only app store so that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to test apps with staff and students and act on their feedback to iron out glitches and bugs – giving them a better chance of success when they are released into the marketplace.

Additionally, it is intended that the BBC will provide access to archive material for SMEs developing digital technology as part of the initiative. In the longer term, this will enable archive film clips; radio broadcast excerpts and historic interviews; speeches and soundbites to be integrated into a vast array of apps and other products – providing exciting new products and services to consumers and an unparalleled opportunity for British businesses by easing access to a globally-important public resource.

To facilitate access to this treasure trove of digital content, UCL DECIDE plans to pilot an automated system so that SMEs can license material from the archive more effectively, to the benefit of both the content owners and the providers of the new products that make use of it.

A small version of the living lab approach has already been piloted by TipGain, a company set up by former UCL students. The business developed a peer-based social marketing service, targeting customers directly with offers that might appeal to them rather than through untargeted mass-media channels like newspapers. UCL Advances, the university’s centre for entrepreneurship, assisted the team through providing a large group to test a smart phone app which offered discounts at internal UCL catering outlets as a starting point, offering a 25% discount voucher for coffees.

Hundreds of voucher-led sales were made, demonstrating that the technology worked and with customer conversion rates up to ten times higher than through other promotion marketing methods. TipGain has since gone on to sign-up customers ranging from London restaurant chain Busaba Eathai to local sporting goods retailers.

Commenting on the initiative, Timothy Barnes, the Director of UCL Advances, said:

“UCL takes supporting entrepreneurs extremely seriously – and there can be no stronger indication than enabling small businesses to draw on a staff and student body the size of a small town to validate a whole host of digital products in the years ahead.

“This is a massive opportunity to give UK small businesses a killer advantage in an already cut-throat market. UCL DECIDE will enable a new generation of digital entrepreneurs to hone their products for worldwide success.”

UCL is already a major partner in the Government’s Tech City initiative to develop Europe’s largest digital cluster in East London. Professor Stephen Caddick, UCL’s VP for enterprise, has recently been appointed to the Tech City advisory group, whilst UCL Advances has collaborated in opening incubators for digital start-ups in both Bloomsbury and, shortly, in Shoreditch.

Commenting on the initiative, Ben Carter, Head of Mobile for ATOS, said:

“Atos is delighted to work with UCL to create a fertile breeding ground for business innovation; as business technologists we understand the value of creating great concepts that also work outside of the lab.

“Partnering with UCL gives ATOS an opportunity to support some of London’s most exciting SMEs and engage with the ecosystem of researchers, businesses and start-ups at the heart of Tech City.”

Nick Appleyard, Head of Digital at the Technology Strategy Board, said:

“We are very pleased to support this new service, which will encourage digital start-ups and stimulate innovation and growth in the digital sector.  Our IC tomorrow testbed stands ready to facilitate the services identified through this exciting initiative.”

Ben Gray, Head of Strategy and Development at DC Thomson, said:

“DC Thomson is a company that has continually innovated in media since 1905. Content creation and delivery channels are experiencing unprecedented change. Initiatives such as UCL DECIDE represent a valuable resource which can help shape new products before taking them to market.”

Google is an Event Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Google is an Event Sponsor of OTA13.

turing-doodle-staticGoogle is an event sponsor. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google+ is the social layer that brings together all of Google’s products to make sharing easier and more nuanced. Find out how developers can tap into this platform at: Google’s cloud platform offers incredible scale and performance using the same infrastructure as the rest of Google which makes it a great fit for mobile developers. Find out more at:”>

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google+ is the social layer that brings together all of Google’s products to make sharing easier and more nuanced. Find out how developers can tap into this platform at:
Google’s cloud platform offers incredible scale and performance using the same infrastructure as the rest of Google which makes it a great fit for mobile developers. Find out more at:

Samsung & 100%Indie at OTA13

logoAs part of our ever-expanding partnership with leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung, we’re delighted to be attending the Over the Air event on September 27 and 28 to provide an air of indie ambiance and inspiration for the crowds of hardcore hackers.

While the Samsung team goes on stage to provide attendees with info on its new smart devices and SDK’s, 100% Indie is there to engage developers between sessions and on the show floor; offering insight into surviving and thriving in the turbulent touchscreen games world.

PrintThis connection with the crowd includes a brief overview on stage about the 100% Indie initiative; how it came about, what its goals are, and how the program has helped thousands of games not only come to Samsung’s high-quality digital marketplace, but to climb its charts quickly and grab the gaming public’s attention. We’ll cover all the ways that developers can get involved with 100% Indie during our Raise Your Game presentation, which will deliver deeper insights into the objectives of the program and the massive benefits it can bring to those in the creative industries.Attendees will then be able to talk with members of 100% Indie’s business development team about these opportunities on offer through the initiative, and to its promotions team on a one-to-one basis about how to achieve visibility for their games and their studio in an overfull smartphone gaming sector.

Gaining this essential, yet hard-to-find visibility will actually be possible for games developers at Over the Air itself, as 100% Indie is holding video interviews throughout the event. Come along and talk to us about your inspirations, intentions, games and expertise, and we’ll introduce you to the world through our massively popular IndieViews channel.

We’re there to learn about you and your work, and to discover ways in which 100% Indie and Samsung can continue to build and support the independent games community through access to innovative programs, the latest SDKs, marketing and promotional assistance, and by leveraging the power of a growing global community.

Do you want to raise your game, in every possible sense? Then come and talk to 100% Indie and Samsung at this year’s Over the Air.

To learn more about the Samsung Developer Program and the 100% Indie movement, /

The ‘Samsung Smart Apps’ Challenge

Put the new Samsung Mobile SDK through its paces with Samsung’s micro Smart App Challenge!

On the 5th of September, viagra Samsung Electronics launched the Samsung Mobile SDK, sale to provide developers with a more streamlined application development experience. Now Samsung wants you to put the Samsung Mobile SDK though its paces in an overnight micro “Smart App Challenge”!

To enter the Samsung micro Smart App Challenge, shop simply produce the most engaging, exciting app you can in the allotted time, making use of the Samsung Mobile SDK.

The Samsung Mobile SDK offers a more efficient way to develop for Samsung devices. Instead of downloading multiple SDKs separately, you can now just download one SDK and make use of the multiple packages available in your app.

When the hacking concludes on Saturday, the Samsung Developers team will pick the most innovative application made with the Samsung Mobile SDK. Apps that make use of Samsung Device specific features will naturally score the highest.

The Prize

img_2013_at_mwcThis micro Smart App Challenge has a fantastic prize for the winning team – Two tickets to the Samsung European Developer Day on the 18th of November 2013 at London’s Film Museum.

Galaxy Note III

The Developer Day will provide the micro Smart App Challenge winners with a unique opportunity to meet the Samsung team, gain insight into what’s new and next from Samsung and collect a brand new Galaxy Note III device.

One Galaxy Note III device will be awarded, with either an individual or a representative of the winning team collecting on the 18th November. Judges will be looking for the most innovative applications built using the Samsung Mobile SDK. Why not get a head start on the competition by downloading it before OTA at –

The (official) Samsung Smart App Challenge

Samsung Smart App ChallengeThe official Samsung Smart App Challenge for Galaxy Note will select 12 winners, receiving a record total of $1,100,000 in prize money along with a variety of promotional benefits. This year, Samsung Venture Investment will review the final winners for suitability for additional financial investment so if you are looking for capital, this is the challenge for you. Developers aiming to participate should sign up directly on the App Challenge website  and register their apps on Samsung Apps from 5th September to 30th November.


Entry Period – September 5 – November 30, 2013(GMT)

Certification Period – December 1 – December 31, 2013(GMT)

Judging Period – January – February 2014(GMT)

Winner Announcement – Scheduled for late February 2014



Samsung Mobile SDK

Samsung Mobile SDK – Getting Started Guide

Samsung Mobile SDK 1.0 API Specification

Padajo is Cookie Sponsor of OTA13

We are pleased to announce that the lovely Paul Johnston over at Padajo is sponsoring the cookies again this year! padajologo_large

padajo was started by Paul Johnston in 2009. It is a new kind of consultancy with a focus on delivering ‘best of breed’ mobile solutions and strategy. Paul has spent over 10 years working within the digital world, specialising in high end websites and service strategy and delivery for government departments and blue-chip clients. Having spent time in several UK Digital and Integrated Agencies as Head of Digital and holding senior technical and Project Management roles, Paul had come to recognise that the mobile web and subsequently mobile apps were not properly understood by clients or agencies.Paul started padajo to fill this gap in the market. While there are some that can do the coding for an application there are very few in the UK who fully understand the necessary strategy and integration that a properly considered mobile solution can truly deliver. That’s what padajo is all about.

Skills Matter is a Media Partner of OTA13

NEW SKILLS MATTER LOGO outlined hi res 240 90Skills Matter is a highly social, innovative tech startup, with a mission to support and drive innovation in enterprise software development. We do this by bringing smart and creative people together in an environment that encourages conversation and collaboration, resulting in ideas. 
Each year, in collaboration with the world’s leading software developers technologists and agilists, we run nearly 2,000 expert talks, tech meetups, hackathons, expert workshops and conferences where we bring together many thousands of passionate developers to share and learn. 

Skills Matter has been a trailblazer in the growth of London’s Tech City and is an advisor to the Tech City advisory board, chaired by the Prime Minister’s Office at No. 10 Downing Street.