Product Doctor at OTA 2013 – DIY User Engagement “how to…” session and Product Doctor Surgeries

Julia Julia Shalet, cialis the “Product Doctor”, ed will be back again this year at Over the Air offering up a session on “DIY User Engagement” as well as one-on-one product “surgeries” for attendees. Julia wrote about her participation in our previous events here.

The details for this year:

Session: Friday Morning, 11:15 – 12:15 in The Bar
Surgeries: Friday Afternoon: 14.30 – 19.30, the terrace outside the Billiard Room (the hack space in the Mansion)

For OTA this year, I am going to deliver a session that pulls on the material I have created for The Mobile Academy; it is an interactive demonstration on how to get user feedback – doing it yourself. Starting with the why and moving to the when and what: this session will show you how to engage users to test out early stage concepts, get feedback on how you look, help you prioritise your feature lists and to work through how usable your product is.

1) Do you have a product I can use as a Case Study for the session? Criteria: Must be able to find at least 4 target users for your proposition in the audience; must have a logo and either have a website or a page in an App Store.
2) Would you like a consultation? Email direct for a 30 minute appointment: julia [at]