The ‘Innovation on Windows Phone’ Challenge

The developer relations team from Microsoft & Nokia UK are excited to announce the ‘Innovation on Windows Phone’ Hack Day Challenge.

The Prize

nokia_lumia_1020_2You and your team will get the chance to win a Nokia Lumia Windows 1020 Phone handset. This prize will be awarded to an individual or team that has worked on a new project which exemplifies tough problem solving and maybe even turning their ideas into a business. The projects will be judged on Saturday and winners announced at the prize giving ceremony.

Runners up will be awarded a Nokia Lumia 925 phone.

All Entries

Everyone who develops a Windows Phone app will be provided with a Nokia Premium Developer Program account. You will also be rewarded just for being part of the hack. Get your thinking caps on now and we look forward to seeing your idea during the event.

The Nokia Premium Developer Programme provides high value tools & support to help you be more productive, viagra develop quality apps and enhance your Windows Phone development experience. Get this package of benefits worth up to USD $1500 for free if you commit to using the Windows Phone platform during Over the Air.

* Special Nokia Music Prize *

EarphonesSpeakersThe best Windows Phone app developed using the Nokia Music API will win JBL NFC PlayUp speakers and Monster Purity in-ear stereo headphones.


Getting Started

It’s easier than you think as you can use many of the skills you already have. Create new generation Windows Phone 8 apps with .NET and C++ with UIs in XAML or DirectX. Realise more revenue from your mobile apps, sell your apps in over 200 markets worldwide. Learn more here

Getting started is easy, develop for Windows 8 or Windows Phone with the suggested starting points below to ensure you make the most of your time at Over the Air. Or, if you just need a great cloud service to go with your project, check out Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Windows 8

Windows Phone 8

Windows Azure

For iOS Starter

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For Android Starter

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For Windows Starter

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For more help on the ground – Get in touch with the developer relations team coming to Over the Air this year.

Riaz Ahmed @TheRealRiaz – Developer Evangelist, Nokia UK

Andy Wigley @andy_wigley – Developer Evangelist, Microsoft UK

Alexander Bennett, @Alzando – Senior Developer, Nokia Music