The ‘Kids who Code’ Challenge

Kids should Code

padajologo_largePadajo are excited to announce the ‘Kids who Code’ Challenge. The team at Padajo believe that every kid should learn at least the basics of programming. The future is going to be more and more dictated by technology, and being able to understand will be the start of harnessing that power in the future.

This challenge is here to encourage all youngsters at Over The Air 2013 to code something, however simple or complex, and prove to themselves (and to the rest of us) that starting to code is easy.

The Prize

Makey MakeyThe best submission from an individual or team under the age of 16 (inclusive) is a MaKey MaKey kit. This kit allows you to start creating real-world technology, while having lots of fun (banana pianos anyone?). It also has expansion potential and some great projects online.

Creativity is everything for kids, so this is an open competition. It won’t necessarily be the cleverest or the most complicated submission that wins. We will take into account age and amount of experience in coding as well. It doesn’t even have to be finished!

Python Basics

We are expecting this to produce some of the most exciting hacks of Over The Air 2013 though. Prove that the grown ups have some competition!

There are 3 runners-up prizes of Python Basics which is a book for kids to learn to code. It’s taught us at padajo something as well as being fun and engaging for kids.


The submission can be a piece of coding that runs on a computer, the internet, a phone, uses minecraft or a raspberry pi or MaKey MaKey. It can do anything that you want. You could even aim to make an invisibility shield or a personal TARDIS but I think they may be a little beyond the realms of a weekend hack!

The only requirement is that you tell us who you are, how old you and any team members are, what the hack is, and then you will need to present it at the end.

Don’t worry about the presentation. Just stand up and tell us what it is!

Good luck!