The ‘Samsung Smart Apps’ Challenge

Put the new Samsung Mobile SDK through its paces with Samsung’s micro Smart App Challenge!

On the 5th of September, viagra Samsung Electronics launched the Samsung Mobile SDK, sale to provide developers with a more streamlined application development experience. Now Samsung wants you to put the Samsung Mobile SDK though its paces in an overnight micro “Smart App Challenge”!

To enter the Samsung micro Smart App Challenge, shop simply produce the most engaging, exciting app you can in the allotted time, making use of the Samsung Mobile SDK.

The Samsung Mobile SDK offers a more efficient way to develop for Samsung devices. Instead of downloading multiple SDKs separately, you can now just download one SDK and make use of the multiple packages available in your app.

When the hacking concludes on Saturday, the Samsung Developers team will pick the most innovative application made with the Samsung Mobile SDK. Apps that make use of Samsung Device specific features will naturally score the highest.

The Prize

img_2013_at_mwcThis micro Smart App Challenge has a fantastic prize for the winning team – Two tickets to the Samsung European Developer Day on the 18th of November 2013 at London’s Film Museum.

Galaxy Note III

The Developer Day will provide the micro Smart App Challenge winners with a unique opportunity to meet the Samsung team, gain insight into what’s new and next from Samsung and collect a brand new Galaxy Note III device.

One Galaxy Note III device will be awarded, with either an individual or a representative of the winning team collecting on the 18th November. Judges will be looking for the most innovative applications built using the Samsung Mobile SDK. Why not get a head start on the competition by downloading it before OTA at –

The (official) Samsung Smart App Challenge

Samsung Smart App ChallengeThe official Samsung Smart App Challenge for Galaxy Note will select 12 winners, receiving a record total of $1,100,000 in prize money along with a variety of promotional benefits. This year, Samsung Venture Investment will review the final winners for suitability for additional financial investment so if you are looking for capital, this is the challenge for you. Developers aiming to participate should sign up directly on the App Challenge website  and register their apps on Samsung Apps from 5th September to 30th November.


Entry Period – September 5 – November 30, 2013(GMT)

Certification Period – December 1 – December 31, 2013(GMT)

Judging Period – January – February 2014(GMT)

Winner Announcement – Scheduled for late February 2014



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