Tours of the National Museum of Computing


The National Museum of Computing is pleased to offer a range of guided tours to the attendees of Over the Air 2013.
Get a private tour of the whole museum on Friday the 27th at 4.25pm and presentations of Tunny & Colossus at 10:45 am and 12:00 am on Saturday the 28th.

Friday the 27th

On Friday the museum is closed to the public, so it’s a great opportunity to ‘get up close’ with the exhibits. Over the course of an hour, attendees will be able to see the WITCH (the world’s oldest operating computer), our Elliott systems, as well as our collection of 1980s 8-bit machines and the BBC B classroom. The tour’s highlight is a visit to the Tunny & Colossus gallery, where you can see a rebuild of the world’s first computer and hear the amazing story of how Bletchley Park started the digital age.This unique opportunity starts outside the Mansion at 16:25 on Friday and is limited to 60 people. Strictly first-come-first-served. Please don’t be late!

Saturday the 28th

On Saturday, we have two 30-minute tours covering the Tunny & Colossus story with a visit to see this incredible machine in operation. These will both start outside the Mansion at 10:40 and 11:55 sharp.In addition to the tours, attendees of Over the Air 2013 will be allowed free entry to the whole museum on Saturday to enjoy at their own pace from 1pm until close.Tour groups will muster directly outside the main entrance to the mansion at 16:25 on the 27th and before 10:40 and 11:55 on the 28th.

Update: the tours groups will muster in front of the marquee. That is all.

Please be on time!