SAP is Soft Drinks Sponsor of OTA15

SAP-LogoWe’re thrilled to announce that the lovely people over at SAP are once again going to be keeping you refreshed and hydrated at the 7th edition of Over the Air.

Founded by 5 maverick developers, SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software. The company offers open platforms and technologies for you to build, deploy and manage enterprise applications. To get started and to learn more, visit

“We are proud to be a sponsor of the OTA conference. We believe that coders can use our open, standards-based platforms to build innovative applications that can change the world. In fact, there are many developers working for a variety of companies that are using our technologies to create cool solutions especially in the Internet of Things space. We can’t wait to see what participants will create during this 2-day festival and wish everyone a great time and happy coding!”

Thomas Grassl, VP Developer Relations, SAP      

Follow the team at @SAPdevs.