Lightning Talk Submissions 2015

Hi everyone! I’m Melinda Seckington and I’m excited to be joining the Over The Air team this year to help organize the lightning talks. I’ve been a regular attendee of Over The Air since volunteering for their second event back in 2008, and did one of the lightning talks at the 2014 one. I can’t wait to see all your talks and submissions for this year! 

We’ll be doing the lightning talks a little differently this year. For starters we’ve moved away from the Ignite format, so your talk won’t need to have an exact number of slides and there won’t be a super hard limit of 5 minutes. You should still aim to do a 5 minute talk, but since almost everyone overruns, you’ll get 8 minutes (after which a timer will go off and you will have to leave the stage), just to give you a little bit more breathing space.

For those of you interested, we’re also providing space/time to practice your talk before the event, with a handful of experienced speakers to help give you feedback.

The talks can be about ANY topic you want. So are you passionate about a particular geeky subject or just know a lot about something very niche? Built a cool hack previously you’d like to show off? Fill in our online form to submit your talk!