An Interview with Toby Mildon, BBC Digital


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 21.54.22We have asked a number of our Supporters and Sponsors about why they get involved in Hack Days, their views on innovation, and what they are excited about in the technology industry.

Today we’re hearing from Toby Mildon, Diversity and Inclusion Manager for BBC Digital. (You can also Listen to the personal development talks that he organises for BBC staff.)


1. Why do you get involved in Hack Days?

“Besides being a fun way to innovate and share (both crucial for the BBC) we are supporting OTA because of its good gender balance. Since one of our objectives is to employ more women in technical jobs, we feel it’s a good platform to show that we’re an inclusive employer and meet talented people”


2. Does involvement in Hack Days have an impact on the further development of your services?

“I’m sure that my BBC colleagues in attendance will relish from sharing, learning and developing alongside such a great crowd over the weekend and bring really cool ideas back to the office the following Monday.”


3. What are your own internal approaches to Innovation?

“BBC has been innovating since its inception so it’s engrained in our DNA. R&D come up with some amazing stuff when looking to the future. Our Connected Studio programme brings innovation to the fore. Our developers have 10% time to engineer great ideas. BBC is such a creative place that innovation happens everywhere, all the time.”


4. What role can mobile developers play in the future of the technology industry?

“BBC’s mission is to inform, educate and entertain so if developers can build software that does just this then we really should talk some more!”


5. Do you have a view on where the next big opportunities will lie for developers?

“Our Director-General talks of an internet first BBC and I’m anticipating big opportunities in our Digital teams. myBBC is a big project for us, which personalises BBC Online based on your needs and interests. We need all hands on deck if we’re to build a BBC “for everyone, where everyone belongs” – to coin a phrase that our D-G said.”


6. Tell us about some of your own new initiatives that you are excited about.

“I’m responsible for Diversity & Inclusion in Digital and I’m particularly excited about our women in tech conferences, testing out ‘blind audition’ (like The Voice) to reduce unconscious biases, inclusivity awareness short films, disability awareness talks for line managers, working with the Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Campaign and so much more!”


7. How would you like to invite the attendees of Over the Air to get involved with your organisation?

“Urm, come and work for us. Browse our jobs at