Connections away at OTA – IoT developer t-shirts, HDKs and more.

Greetings from the MediaTek Team


MediaTekLabsOrangeVerticalRGBPhil, malady Marysia and I from MediaTek Labs can’t wait for Over the Air at the end of this week – it’s our first time at the show and we are looking forward to meeting you all.
MediaTek Labs is a free online community of IoT developers and device makers found at MediaTek Labs is the home of MediaTek LinkIt™, price some of the world’s best connected platforms for Wearable and IoT devices. With our development tools you can create devices that can connect to other devices or directly to cloud applications and services. The LinkIt platforms consist of Software Development Kits (SDKs), Hardware Development Kits (HDKs) and related technical documentation.

We have a session on Friday afternoon at 5pm – Build your own IoT and Wearable device with a development board from MediaTek Labs – where you can learn all about MediaTek LinkIt™ ONE, the development platform that enables developers to create Wearables and IoT proofs-of-concept with the simplicity of the Arduino IDE and Seeed Studio Grove peripherals.

linkitoneAt the end of the session we will have some LinkIt ONE boards for you to borrow for the 2 days so get hacking and enter the Best Hardware IoT hack – there are 5 LinkIt ONE boards for the winning team.

You could then enter what you have achieved at Over the Air in the challenge to win even bigger prizes including iPads and TVs –

Want a free t-shirt?

IMG_20150907_160704We have a load of developer t-shirts to give away:

To get a free t-shirt, follow @MediaTek Labs on Twitter, sign up for free as a member on, and then find either Michael, Phil or Marysia at the show to claim and wear with pride!

See you all on Friday.

Michael Francis, Developer Marketing Manager, MediaTek Labs.