Microsoft and BBC Help Kids to Get Creative with BBC micro:bit

Microsoft rallies UK developers to help kids code with micro devices.

On 25th September, Microsoft is launching an initiative to engage developers across the UK in helping kids learn to connect with devices and code with the BBC micro:bit.  The programme will start in London at Over the Air – where BBC micro:bit learning workshops will take place.



Developers and Makers at the Over the Air event, who share a passion for technology and for helping others in the community, are invited to join with Microsoft Technical Evangelists to support the Coder Dojo event on 26thSeptember, where kids will bring their ideas to life, and learn to code with TouchDevelop and the BBC micro:bit.  Kids will have an opportunity to show their creations on stage during the afternoon, alongside other developers and Makers from the Over the Air Hack Day.

After the event, the role of these newly trained community advocates will be to help inspire kids in their own communities and support workshops for the BBC micro:bit later in the year, when they will be rolled out across the UK to help every child in Year 7 to learn computer science.  These community advocates will encourage kids to participate in a variety of simple coding challenges and games such as building a Minecraft Creeper Face, a digital pet, an LED emoji, and more using the BBC micro:bit.

  • Howard Baker, “Father” of the BBC micro:bit will tell about it’s making during his Keynote Talk on Friday morning at 10:00
  • Microsoft will be teaching you how to Teach Kids to Code with the BBC micro:bit and TouchDevelop on Friday evening at 17:00
  • CoderDojo will be running a workshop that includes the BBC micro:bit and TouchDevelop on Saturday morning at 9:00 (Registration for this is separate – please check your inboxes for the e-mail with the direct link)