The JustGiving Charity Challenge

just-giving-logoPowering the #tech4good movement, the JustGiving platform helps not-for-profit organisations, brands and a growing community of developers to build applications that harness the power of online giving. Apps like these drive thousands of transactions on JustGiving every day, helping people around the world to make good things happen.

The Brief:

Use the JustGiving APIs in a creative or engaging way to the benefit of this year’s OTA15 Charity – the St. John’s Hoxton Fund.

With more and more people relying upon their mobile device we’re looking for exciting and innovative ways to “give” or “support” a cause in new ways and new spaces. To support this the JustGiving API allows you to:

  • Get latest donations made to a charity
  • Get data regarding the charity (activity, description, logo, SMS codes, etc)
  • Create a leaderboard of fundraisers
  • Get Donation details for fundraising pages

Whether it’s a Spotify app that asks makes people “donate” for their cheesy song of choice or an app that recognises charity logos on the go, the world of giving on the go is changing rapidly and it’s the growing #tech4good community that are best placed to build and launch the next great idea. If for example you want to use donations as a means of unlocking rewards then we also have the Simple Donation Integration service that allows users to construct bespoke donation links.

What We’re Looking For:

In short on the day we’re looking for hacks that make the best or most innovative use of our technology. Feel free to forget the business plan or the glossy market strategy, just show us the tech!

41bv+eCMivLThe Prizes:

For the winning team we have a set of Arduino Starter Kits as prizes, and of course throughout the event our JG Hackers team will be on hand to support and coach you as you get stuck into our APIs! We look forward to working with you.