The OTA15 Hack Day Winners are….


The 2015 Hack Day Challenges


The BBC Connected Studio Challenge Winner t.b.d

BBC Connected StudioThe Brief:

We’re looking for innovative new ways to serve a younger audience on the devices they spend the most time with; their smartphones. We want to do this through clever use of tech, design and editorial direction around our content and public service remit. We want to build on and extend the BBC’s unique and unrivalled content experiences, from our unique music output and world-class drama, to our well-loved soaps, unrivalled sports coverage and essential learning experiences. Find out more here.

The Prize:

Taster-256x256The best ideas have the chance to be further developed by our experts and even funded, made, and showcased on BBC Taster. We’ll provide expertise to help shape the best ideas with the teams, and get them into a ‘ready state’ for submission to our pilot process. If selected against judging criteria success will see ideas funded to make a live pilot on BBC Taster and tested with our audiences.

The Winner:

The BBC Connected Studio Challenge has a longer process than our usual Challenge, such that those who entered have been invited to film a longer pitch, which will be assessed by an internal team of people at the BBC. Any winners will thus be contacted after the event, but we’ll share the news here too.


The JustGiving Charity Challenge Winner = Stephen Nicolas for If This Then Help

just-giving-logoPowering the #tech4good movement, the JustGiving platform helps not-for-profit organisations, brands and a growing community of developers to build applications that harness the power of online giving. Apps like these drive thousands of transactions on JustGiving every day, helping people around the world to make good things happen.

41bv+eCMivLThe Brief: Use the JustGiving APIs in a creative way, to the benefit of this year’s OTA15 Charity – the St. John’s Hoxton Fund. Find out more here.

The Prize: Arduino Starter Kits with UNO Board

JustGiving Challenge Winner



The CCL Citizen Science Challenge Winner = Tristan Roddis for the Transcriptinator

CCLlogoCitizen Science is real science done collaboratively by amateurs, volunteers, and enthusiasts around the globe. People are classifying galaxies from their computers, monitoring the health of trees in their community, transcribing weather reports from old naval logs, and gathering data to make a real contribution to scientific research.  

lilipadThe Brief:
Build a citizen science hack using mobile technology. Anything goes—mobile phones, sensors, wearables, outdoor monitoring stations, balloons, drones…Find out more here.

The Prize: A LilyPad Starter Kit



CCL Challenge Winner



 The 2015 General Hack Day Categories

The Best in Show Winners = Judith Boldt & Elgin Candoleta, for Dancing R2D2

This category is the Judges’s selection, based on all of the entries that they have seen both under-the-hood and on stage during the Demo’s.

Best in ShowThe Prizes are:

5 LEGO Mindstorms Kits, donated by LEGO.

3 books from Make and O’Reilly, donated by O’Reilly.

1  Microdrone 2.0  & Visual Studio T-Shirt, donated by Microsoft.

best in show

The Audience Favourite Winner = Tom Durrant, for KeyGlove

This category is the Audience’s selection. Voting took place via a phone-in system built on Twilio by Sam Machin.

audience vote The Prizes are:

5 LEGO Mindstorms Kits, donated by LEGO;

The book Make: Robots, donated by O’Reilly.

2 x Visual Studio T-Shirt, donated by Microsoft.


The Best use of APIs / Open Data Winner = Tristan Roddis, for The Transcriptinator

This category celebrates the best use of ANY of the wide range of APIs and open Data Sets being showcased at OTA15, as judged by Cristiano Betta of Braintree.


The Prizes are:

2 LEGO Space Needles, donated by Braintree (and perhaps a little something extra if you also use the Braintree APIs).

The book Web Scraping with Python, donated by O’Reilly.

Headphones,  a Visual Studio Cup, and a Data T-Shirt, donated by Microsoft.

Best in Show

The Best Cloud Entry Winner = Oli Newsham for DSC0073

Best entry making use of cloud computing / cloud services, as judged by Amy Nicholson of Microsoft.could

The Prizes are:

A Microdrone 2.0, Headphones, and a Visual Studio T-Shirt, donated by Microsoft.


The Best Android Entry Winner = Stephen Nicolas for If This Then Help

androidBest App built for Android, as judged by Ade Oshineye of Google.

The Prizes are:

3 Android Wear / Moto 360 Devices, & 3 Chromecast Devices Donated by Google.

The book Head First Android Development, donated by O’Reilly.


The Best iOS Entry Winners = Dom & Heather Hodgson for Baby Swipes

Best App built for iOS, as judged by Andy Piper of Twitter.

ios prizes

The Prizes are:

Parrot AR Drone, 3 Raspberry Pis, and 3 Twitter JuiceBoxesdonated by Twitter.

And the book iOS Swift Development Cookbook, donated by O’Reilly.


The Best Windows Entry Winner = Tom Durrant for KeyGlove

Best App built for Windows, as judge by Lee Stott, of Microsoft.


The Prizes are:

3 Windows 10 T-Shirts and 3 Water Bottles , donated by Microsoft.

The book Mobile Design Pattern Gallery, donated by O’Reilly.


The Best Mobile Web / HTML5 Entry Winner = Sam Machin for Woof RTC

Best use of the Mobile Web and/or HTML5, as judged by Sam Giles of Mozilla and Alex Lakatos.

mobile web

The Prizes are:

3 Firefox Mugs and 5 Unisex Firefox Tshirts, donated by Mozilla.

The book Mobile HTML5donated by O’Reilly.

Headphones & 2 Visual Studio Cups, donated by Microsoft.

mobile web

The Best Game Entry Winner = Tristan Roddis for the Transcriptinator

GamesThe best game or gaming hack, as judged by Lee Stott of Microsoft.

The prizes are:

The book Theory of Fun for Game Designdonated by O’Reilly.

A Visual Studio T-Shirt & 2 Visual Studio Cups, donated by Microsoft.


The Best Use of Other Features Winner = Alistair Macdonald for Touch Free

bluetooth and otherGet creative with all of the features on-device! This Category as judged by Lee Stott of Microsoft.

The prizes are:

The book Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energydonated by O’Reilly.

Two IoT T-Shirts & Data T-Shirts, donated by Microsoft.

other features

The Best Hardware / IoT   Hack Winner = Sam Machin for Woof RTC

iotBest use of a physical proto-typing platform, device, micro-controllor, etc; to be judged by Philip Handschin of MediaTek Labs.

The prizes are:

5 LinkIt ONE boards, donated by MediaTek.

The book Designing Connected Productsdonated by O’Reilly

hardware hack

The Best Wearable Hack Winner = Tom Durrant for KeyGlove

wearbleThe prizes are:

The book Make: Wearable Electronics,  donated by O’Reilly

A  Raspberry Pi 2, 1 Windows 10 T-shirt, and 4  IoT T-Shirts, donated by Microsoft.