is Lightning Talks Sponsor

logo-crateWe are pleased to announce that the lovely team at are the Sponsor of OTA16 Lightning Talks. CrateDB is a new kind of datastore that combines SQL and search in a way that’s simple to scale. The next wave of big data is being generated by “things.” Sensors, wearables, vehicles, networks, servers can generate millions of data points per second. was founded in 2013 to help mainstream SQL developers put all that machine data to work, simply. Just like our database we’re distributed, with teams in San Francisco, Berlin, and Austria. Find out more at: is delighted to be joining other world-class technology sponsors to support one of our favorite technology events as the Marquee sponsor. CrateDB is an open source, distributed SQL database with integrated search that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time. Our team has worked hard to be sure CrateDB works great with machine data, allowing you to stream millions of sensor readings, network messages, call detail records, and other machine and log data into CrateDB per second.” – Jessica Rose, Head of Developer Relations

Enter the CrateDB data challenge at the OTA16 hackathon!

At Crate, we’re big fans of data. Big data, small data, open data. We want to see what you can do using the CrateDB, oodles of data, and the limitless power of your imagination.

Luckily for our happy hackers, a SQL database shouldn’t be too hard to integrate into most projects, letting us focus on judging entries that use CrateDB to build creative, compelling projects around interesting data. Libraries are available for Java, Python, Ruby, Go, etc. so choose your flavor! We’ve put together some demo applications here to get you started!