Lightning Talks at OTA16

It’s time once again to submit your idea for a 5 minute lightning talk for Over The Air. On Friday evening everyone will be gathering back together in the great hall for a series of Lightning Talks, put on by members of the community. Each speaker will have exactly 5 minutes in which to inform, inspire, enlighten and entertain us.

Why not give it a go? Your talk can be about ANY topic you want – are you passionate about a particular geeky subject or just know a lot about something very niche? Built a cool hack previously you’d like to show off? The tell us about it!

You can also check out what previous talks have been about for a bit of inspiration.

Thibaut LTAnd we’re not super strict about that 5 minute limit – although you should prepare and practice for a 5 minute talk, we know that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and over-run a bit, so we’ll give you up to 8 minutes for a bit of breathing space (after which a timer will go off and you will have to leave the stage). 

For those of you interested, we’re also providing space/time to practice your talk before the event, with a handful of experienced speakers to help give you feedback. Find out more on our Lightning Talks page.