OTA this year: How do we Extend the Web?

Over the Air is a hack day – combining an overnight hack-a-thon format with a developer conference where you can come and learn and hear from your colleagues about new and emerging technologies (and ideas) that you can pick up and use.

This year’s programme is coming together. We have some amazing speakers on tap and a few focus areas are emerging. At Over the Air we’ve always had an underlying theme of connected applications and the interconnection of things. We’ve also always had a focus on the open web, and especially the use of the web on mobile devices. This year our focus turns to how the Web can be extended – extended to the world around us (through the internet of things), extended to the way we communicate, extended to new modalities of use and extended to across diverse communities of users.

Here’s a sample of some of our speakers for the two-day session schedule:

Keynoting our event will be Hadley Beeman, someone well known to the UK tech community. Hadley is currently a member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group which I co-chair and works with me there at the cutting edge of web technologies.

Keynoting our second day will be the Léonie Watson, also a leader in web standards and as co-chair of the Web Platform working group also at the forefront of emerging web tech.

Ada Rose Edwards will be talking about the future of Web VR, moving the web into emerging virtual reality platforms.

Peter O’Shaughnessy will be talking about web bluetooth, extending the web by allowing web applications to connect to devices around you.

Tim Panton will be talking about how to use WebRTC peer-to-peer technologies to enable control of connected Internet-of-Things devices in a secure and decentralized way.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino will give us a snapshot of the IoT landscape today. Terence Eden will be speaking about some of the dangers and anti-patterns in the Internet of Things.

Charlotte Spencer will be speaking about the culture of open source and James Smith will be talking about how we can take open source / open web culture and apply it to the political arena.

…and we are still announcing / confirming speakers for both day one and day two of our program.

As usual, all of our speakers will be talking about technologies and ideas that we hope our attendees will pick up and build with. Sound interesting? Come join us at Over the Air!