Support our amazing Venue by making a donation

We’ve asked Rev. Graham to set up a dedicated donation tool for the attendees of Over the Air 2016, so that we can offer some additional financial support for this amazing building, and the services it offers both the local community and the technology community.

Our generous sponsors have made this year’s OTA possible, but only at a reduced rate for the venue, and they really need the financial help themselves. Please help us make up that shortfall by making a donation. 

This fund is for guests at Over the Air 2016 to make donations towards the cost of the event. Sponsorship has not covered the whole cost, and the church has been flexible with it’s hire fee – but is now facing a shortfall. Please give generously to cover the church’s costs, and support its wider work in the Hoxton neighbourhood. Ps. If you use GoCardless to donate, the fees are lower than Stripe – so the church ends up with more money!” – Graham Hunter

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