What is the Event Structure?

kicking back1 Keynote Speaker, 1 Hack Day Show & Tell,  10 Lightning Talks, 12 Hack Day Award Categories, 36 hours of Hacking, 40 Workshops, and 500 participants.

What are we Hacking?

Mobile apps, mobile web, mobile devices, prototyping platforms such as Arduino, mBed & Raspberry Pi, wearable technology, robotics, LEGO Mindstorms …everything and anything, with a focus on connected devices and “things.”

Tell me More!

Over The Air 2011Over the Air is an event that defies easy description. It’s a celebration of creativity. It’s a festival of all things hackable. It’s a place where attendees can learn about technologies, trends and techniques. It’s a sleep-over. It’s a two day party. It’s an event where practitioners of creative and technical disciplines can come together to learn from each other.

It’s about recognizing software development as a creative discipline. It’s an opportunity to build new relationships. It’s a space where you can build cool stuff and show it off to an appreciative crowd. It’s all these things. And by the way, it’s free.

geeks on the stairs - martin cunninghamWe promise the following: if you attend, you will learn about stuff you didn’t know about before, will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people you haven’t met before, will be inspired, and possibly amazed. By the end of the day Saturday, you will definitely be exhausted. We’re not saying it will change your life, but we’re not saying it won’t either.


Get a Flavour of OTA from our last event at Bletchley Park



Phone Fight 2008Over the Air was developed as a concept between a group of like-minded people off the back of the first highly successful Hack Days in 2007 and 2008, and the clear need in the mobile industry calendar for an event that was by developers for developers.

Instigated by Daniel Appelquist – Over the Air is the creation of Dan, Margaret Gold and Ian Forrester. Our very first event was held at Imperial College London in September 2009. comfy seatsMatthew Cashmore of Hack London fame joined the pioneering team at the last minute to save our hides and has been part of the core team ever since.

Ian has since moved on to be a cheerleader from afar, and a number of people have played key organising roles over the years.

Our philosophy is simple.

Our event is inspired by the Hack Day Manifesto and adheres to the Hack Code of Conduct. What’s the tl;dr?

  • it’s about learning, collaborating and stepping outside your comfort zone
  • it’s inclusive of different communities, points of views, backgrounds and gender of participants
  • although supported by sponsors, it’s not commercial – we maintain a strict separation of content from sponsorship
  • it’s about creativity, experimentation & letting the imagination reign
  • …and it is and will always be free to attend
IMG_6216Although Over the Air relies on the work of many people, the 3 principal organisers are:
Matthew Cashmore /@MatthewCashmore
Margaret Gold / @MobileMaggie
Dan Appelquist / @Torgo
You can contact any of us at firstname@ overtheair.org