Mozilla is Marquee Tent Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Mozilla is the Marquee Tent Sponsor of OTA13

mozilla_wordmarkMozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. With Firefox OS we put the web in your pocket, and turn millions of existing web developers into potential phone developers. With that comes also a set of services, tools, and libraries such as Mozilla Brick that use the latest HTML5 features to ease the way apps are built.

Come hear Mozilla @ Over The Air 2013

Now for something completely different (sort of). Instead of music and graphics, Soledad Penades will be talking at about Mozilla Brick and how you can use it to build web apps, one brick at a time (you know, bad puns are a thing).

The conference is Over The Air, held at the mighty, legendary and historical BLETCHLEY PARK. YES! Where Alan Turing and the rest of the gang worked during World War II on breaking the German coded messages. ISN’T IT AMAZING!!?!?!

So, come to Soledad’s session. 27th September, 16h (in lanyrd).

Mortar and bricks will be provided, no need to bring your own. But Soledad will tell you all about baking your own specially designed bricks.

Product Doctor at OTA 2013 – DIY User Engagement “how to…” session and Product Doctor Surgeries

Julia Julia Shalet, cialis the “Product Doctor”, ed will be back again this year at Over the Air offering up a session on “DIY User Engagement” as well as one-on-one product “surgeries” for attendees. Julia wrote about her participation in our previous events here.

The details for this year:

Session: Friday Morning, 11:15 – 12:15 in The Bar
Surgeries: Friday Afternoon: 14.30 – 19.30, the terrace outside the Billiard Room (the hack space in the Mansion)

For OTA this year, I am going to deliver a session that pulls on the material I have created for The Mobile Academy; it is an interactive demonstration on how to get user feedback – doing it yourself. Starting with the why and moving to the when and what: this session will show you how to engage users to test out early stage concepts, get feedback on how you look, help you prioritise your feature lists and to work through how usable your product is.

1) Do you have a product I can use as a Case Study for the session? Criteria: Must be able to find at least 4 target users for your proposition in the audience; must have a logo and either have a website or a page in an App Store.
2) Would you like a consultation? Email direct for a 30 minute appointment: julia [at]


UCL Decide is an Event Sponsor of OTA13

We are pleased to announce that UCL Decide is an Event Sponsor of OTA13


DECIDE is a new support service for London’s top entrepreneurs to help with early stage product development and pre-commercial testing.  In a collaboration with Atos, overnight order DECIDE is launching a private App Store which will see the UCL community turned into a “living lab” for large scale App beta releases, whilst offering UX consulting services along with a device lab at a new hub in central london. Get an exclusive preview and the chance to be one of the first to sign up.

UCL_HELO_Mug_03UCL DECIDE is supported by UCL together with Virgin Media, Alcatel-Lucent, HEFCE and Fujitsu. The project will partner with leading global businesses including the BBC to provide media content and leading technology firm ATOS to provide critical technical infrastructure. DC Thomson and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) have endorsed the need for such a service and are intending to work with the partners as soon as the service is live.

To launch the ‘lab’, UCL will develop a closed, university only app store so that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to test apps with staff and students and act on their feedback to iron out glitches and bugs – giving them a better chance of success when they are released into the marketplace.

Additionally, it is intended that the BBC will provide access to archive material for SMEs developing digital technology as part of the initiative. In the longer term, this will enable archive film clips; radio broadcast excerpts and historic interviews; speeches and soundbites to be integrated into a vast array of apps and other products – providing exciting new products and services to consumers and an unparalleled opportunity for British businesses by easing access to a globally-important public resource.

To facilitate access to this treasure trove of digital content, UCL DECIDE plans to pilot an automated system so that SMEs can license material from the archive more effectively, to the benefit of both the content owners and the providers of the new products that make use of it.

A small version of the living lab approach has already been piloted by TipGain, a company set up by former UCL students. The business developed a peer-based social marketing service, targeting customers directly with offers that might appeal to them rather than through untargeted mass-media channels like newspapers. UCL Advances, the university’s centre for entrepreneurship, assisted the team through providing a large group to test a smart phone app which offered discounts at internal UCL catering outlets as a starting point, offering a 25% discount voucher for coffees.

Hundreds of voucher-led sales were made, demonstrating that the technology worked and with customer conversion rates up to ten times higher than through other promotion marketing methods. TipGain has since gone on to sign-up customers ranging from London restaurant chain Busaba Eathai to local sporting goods retailers.

Commenting on the initiative, Timothy Barnes, the Director of UCL Advances, said:

“UCL takes supporting entrepreneurs extremely seriously – and there can be no stronger indication than enabling small businesses to draw on a staff and student body the size of a small town to validate a whole host of digital products in the years ahead.

“This is a massive opportunity to give UK small businesses a killer advantage in an already cut-throat market. UCL DECIDE will enable a new generation of digital entrepreneurs to hone their products for worldwide success.”

UCL is already a major partner in the Government’s Tech City initiative to develop Europe’s largest digital cluster in East London. Professor Stephen Caddick, UCL’s VP for enterprise, has recently been appointed to the Tech City advisory group, whilst UCL Advances has collaborated in opening incubators for digital start-ups in both Bloomsbury and, shortly, in Shoreditch.

Commenting on the initiative, Ben Carter, Head of Mobile for ATOS, said:

“Atos is delighted to work with UCL to create a fertile breeding ground for business innovation; as business technologists we understand the value of creating great concepts that also work outside of the lab.

“Partnering with UCL gives ATOS an opportunity to support some of London’s most exciting SMEs and engage with the ecosystem of researchers, businesses and start-ups at the heart of Tech City.”

Nick Appleyard, Head of Digital at the Technology Strategy Board, said:

“We are very pleased to support this new service, which will encourage digital start-ups and stimulate innovation and growth in the digital sector.  Our IC tomorrow testbed stands ready to facilitate the services identified through this exciting initiative.”

Ben Gray, Head of Strategy and Development at DC Thomson, said:

“DC Thomson is a company that has continually innovated in media since 1905. Content creation and delivery channels are experiencing unprecedented change. Initiatives such as UCL DECIDE represent a valuable resource which can help shape new products before taking them to market.”