Ignite Bletchley Park

Even if you can’t join us for the full OTA11 event, you should definitely try to make it out to Bletchley Park for Friday evening, as we will be introducing an exciting new element to the programme:

Ignite is a global event, organized by volunteers, where participants are given five minutes to speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The Ignite format is similar to Pecha Kucha, which features 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects- Wikipedia


The event-within-an-event is being organised by Ignite Cardiff’s  very own Claire Scantlebury, and the submission form is still open for speakers to come along and volunteer to give a five minute talk. The rule is – you can’t talk about yourself or your job (so no blatant self-promotion is allowed) but if you’re passionate about something or want to talk about something cool and innovative then just fill in the form behind the link above and we’ll be in touch.

See you on Friday night!

Opening Speaker – Bill Thompson

We are thrilled to announce that our opening speaker is Bill Thompson of the BBC, who will be taking a philosophical look at the way the proliferation of online and mobile has changed society and will introduce the Digital Public Space as a concept which will potentially change the landscape of society and the internet.

New media pioneer Bill Thompson is a journalist, commentator and technology critic based in Cambridge, England. He has been working in, on and around the Internet since 1984. He contributes to other publications both on and off-line, including The Guardian and The New Statesman. He writes a monthly column for new net users for BBC WebWise, and a technology column for Focus magazine

Bill appears weekly on ‘Click‘ (formerly ‘Digital Planet’ and ‘Go Digital’) on the BBC World Service and occasionally on other BBC radio and television programmes. You can find him online, working in one of Cambridge’s many cafés, or at the bar of the ICA.



Ewan Spence

Ewan  is known for his strong views on mobile technology and ensuring assessibility to it all; a love of trivia; the new media landscape on the internet; the effect technology and communication will have on the public conscious and existing businesses.

He has been active in this space for over ten years, working for a number of sites, publications and media companies, some for long periods of time, others for commissions, one-off pieces or a series of articles or shows.

As Scotland’s first podcaster, he’s been a prominent voice in the rise of podcasting and new media online, picking up a BAFTA nomination for my coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe along the way.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Ewan will be talking about ‘Everything I ever needed to know about European politics I learned from the Eurovision Song Contest’


Alistair MacDonald

Alistair is a self-confessed geek with a fascination for transport. By trade he is a real-time software developer and radio travel presenter, two completely different skills that often get mixed up in his “pet projects”. Currently Alistair is working with the start-up Usable HQ Ltd.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Alistair will be talking about ‘The Metro Simulator. Simulating a light transport system on a web server’


Terence Eden

Terence Eden has been working on the mobile Internet since long before it was fashionable. He consults on QR codes, mobile strategy, and mobile security matters.

His work has featured in Wired, The Guardian, The Register, and Now Celebrity Weddings.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Terence will be talking about ‘QRpedia – linking museums and Wikipedia with QR codes’.



James Hugman

James is a geek living in Brighton. Despite being on the internet since 1991, he doesn’t have a tan, and is not an anarchist. At Ignite Bletchlye Park, James will be talking about ‘The Technologies of a Modern Revolution’.


Chris Monk

Chris is a carer, educationalist, once a teacher and now volunteer at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.  He is keen to encourage young people to learn about computing and whenever possible to get them to experience learning outside the classroom.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Chris will be talking about ‘Kids can’t code’ and has asked that you show your support for the National Museum of Computing by tweeting using #tnmoc.



Dr Alex Blewitt

Dr Alex Blewitt is passionate supporter of both OSGi and Eclipse, having first been introduced before the release of Eclipse 1.0, and getting involved in the open-source project just before the OSGitransition happened with the release of Eclipse 3.0. He was nominated (and a top three finalist) for Eclipse Ambassador in 2007, as recognition of his contributions as chief editorEclipseZone.

Alex spent many years working with Java, having founded International Object Solutions Limited in 1997, just after Java 1.1 was released. Now he spends his time development on mobile platforms at Bandlem Limited, which he founded in 2010. Alex currently writes for InfoQ covering both OSGi and Eclipse, and continues to develop modular applications in his spare time. His ObjectivEClipseproject was used as the basis for the Sony Snap Developer IDE, and many are using the ZFS port on OSX, which he maintains. In what little time he has left over, he spends with his young family and has been known to take them flying if the weather’s nice.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Alex will be talking about ‘Git and Gerrit for Distributed Code Review’.


Imran Ghory

Imran used to work in the city figuring out how currencies worked, until he discovered that it was much more fun to make up your own job. He now focuses full-time on geeky side-projects, drawing a web-comic and blogging. He accidentally built up expertise in the startup world so occasionally does consultancy and lecturing in the field.

At Ignite Bletchley Park, Imran Will be talking about ‘Cracking Cryptics’.


OTA11 Schedule

Here is the schedule for Over the Air  2011  – although it is always subject to slight shifts as we confirm with all of our speakers, the timings are now set in stone, and there shouldn’t be any major changes.

Friday, 30 September 2011
9:30 to 10:00 Registration / Coffee  Marquee Tent 
10:00 to 11:00 Welcome from the Over the Air Team  Marquee Tent 
Daniel Appelquist, Matthew Cashmore, Margaret Gold
Opening Keynote: Dr. Sue Black: Building Bletchley Park
11:00 to 11:15 Coffee Break  Marquee Tent 
Ball Room Drawing Room Music Room Library Marquee Corner
11:15 to 12:15 Connected apps: delivering great user experiences using content rich APIs
Dan Murphy and Stephanie Seegmuller, Pearson; Steve Ellis, Metia; Greg Taylor, TigerSpike
Excellence in the Android User Experience
Nick Butcher, Google
I may not make you a millionaire – but I will pay for your beer
Terence Eden, inMobi
Stolen and lost phones – can mobile applications help with this problem?
Andy Williams, Metropolitan Police Service
Green Your Apps: an intro to using AMEEconnect
James Smith, AMEE
12:15 to 13:15 BBC Digital Public Space (“Spindle”)
Mo McRoberts, BBC
Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript – Bruce Lawson, Opera Software Game technologies – putting them to good use in AR
Paul Foster, Microsoft
Mobile Application Security and Mobile Security Applications: Sticks and Carrots
Craig Heath
Android Survival Guide: tips and tricks After Two Years of Development
Alfredo Morresi
13:15 to 14:30 Lunch  The Lawn 
14:30 to 15:30 On Your Markers…: Getting started with 3D Augmented Reality
Ivan Trajkovic, NudgeNudge
Crap! It Doesn’t Look Quite Right: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Set my Mobile Web Sites Free
Lyza Danger Gardner
Open Source Hardware
Paul Downey, SolderPad
Design for All goes Mobile
Denise Stephens, Enabled by Design and John Wyer, Vodafone
Wholesale Application Community (WAC) APIs
Ricardo Varela, WAC; Kevin Smith, Vodafone
15:30 to 16:30 Exploding the Gap Between Native and Web
James Hugman, Future Platforms
Google+ APIs Intro
Ade Oshineye, Google
Arduino ADK / Android
Francisco Javier Zorzano Mier, Telefónica I&D; David Cuartielles, Arduino
Hands on with the BlueVia APIs
Bernhard Walter, BlueVia
Storytelling, Games, and the Real World: Weaving it all Together
Adrian Hon and Alex Macmillan, Six to Start
16:30 to 17:00 Break
17:00 to 18:00 The Rubber Ducky’s Guide to Open Government Data
Hadley Beeman, Glyn Wintle
Debugging Web Apps on Real Mobile Devices
Dale Lane, IBM
OpenBTS – Open Source GSM Network for Development and Testing
Will Rogers, Detica
BlueVia Labs. Hands on with #Blue and some other surprises!
Richard Spence and Paul Golding, BlueVia
Ubiquitous Android
Jamie McDonald, Novoda
18:00 to 19:00 Securing your Internet Fridge: Web Security in a Networked Society
Kristoffer Gronowski & Oscar Ohlsson, Ericsson Labs
Session: Native [heart] Web (HTML5: Building Great Mobile Web Apps and More With Web Standards)
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, W3C
Mobile Mindstorms — LEGO robots with Android (and iOS)
Adam Cohen-Rose
From zero to App-Super-Hero with Titanium
Liz Myers
Guardian APIs Workshop
Michael Brunton-Spall, The Guardian
19:00 to 22:00 Dinner, Drinks and Ignite Bletchley Park Talks  Marquee Tent 
BBC’s Bill Thompson and others…
…and beyond
All-night hacking  Various Rooms in the Mansion 
Saturday, 1 October, 2011
7:30 to 8:00 Wake Up: Revitaliser Workshop  The Lawn 
8:00 to 9:00 Breakfast  Marquee Tent
Morning Sessions
Ball Room Drawing Room Music Room Library Marquee Corner
9:30 to 10:30 The News. 27 Languages. One App.
David Vella, BBC World Service
The FT Web app – We’ve Got a Website for That
Andrew Betts, Assanka
QR Codes Under the Bonnet
Alistair MacDonald
10:30 to 11:30 Panel: Apps for Science
Brian Fuchs, Imperial College London
Navigating the Myriad of Mobile Payment Methods
Anthony Hicks, Paypal
What’s going on with security in the mobile industry and what’s coming up?
Charles Brookson, Zeeta Security Ltd.
Developing Network-Friendly Applications: A Mobile Operator’s View
Kamran Kordi, Deutsche Telekom
11:30 to 12:30 Developing Apps That Transform An Enterprise – Some Lessons Learned
Paul Johnston
Historical Code Cracking with Phones: What if Pontus, the Gauls, Germans, Nervii, Egyptians and Helvetii had iPhones?
David Rogers, Copper Horse Solutions
Mobile UI and fried chicken (or how angry birds will kill us all)
Arran Ross-Paterson
Mobile Web Apps: State of the Tools
Ernesto Jiménez, Vodafone
Location Based Services and Privacy (it’s not just where you are but who you’re with)
Steve Kennedy
12:30 to 13:30 Session: A better world – one mobile & web start-up at a time
Franco Papeschi, Web Foundation
Mobile Augmented Reality with junaio – easily creating own AR experience
Frank Angermann, Metaio
“Im in ur codez” or, Securing Mobile Apps
Nick Shearer, Mobile Interactive Group
NetMash: Native + Web + More
Duncan Cragg, Thoughtworks
13:45 to 14:30 Lunch  Marquee Tent 
14:30 to 14:50 Closing Keynote: Professor Fred Piper The Changing Face of Cryptography  Marquee Tent 
14:50 to 16:00 Competition Presentations  Marquee Tent 
16:00 to 16:30 Break for Judging
16:30 to 17:30 Awards & Wrap-up  Marquee Tent 

Security Stream at OTA 2011

Bletchley Park is renowned for its mathematics work in breaking encryption during the second world war. It is also the home of the world’s first programmable digital computer: Colossus and the National Museum of Computing. Where better to hold a security stream for Over the Air?

Security in the mobile world is increasing in prominence. Convergence of technologies within mobile handsets mean that more people have more reason to attack mobile phones and their users. From mobile payments and company emails to our photo albums, buy cheap our entire lives are centring on one thing – the handset. If we lose our phone it is more than a big deal.

As we all get hooked on our connected lives, malware and virus creators are thinking of new dastardly ways to wreak havoc and steal money from us and even from the developers of the applications we download. Developers need to think more and more about how to protect their own applications and user data, alongside being responsible with the private data they have access to.

Speakers in the Over the Air security stream will be giving attendees the low-down on how to secure mobile applications, the evolution of malware and the history of codes and ciphers:

  • What’s going on with security in the mobile industry and what’s coming up?
  •  The threat from mobile malware and how to make sure you don’t develop something bad
  • Stolen and lost phones – can mobile applications help with this problem?
  • Webapp security, signing and app stores
  •  Break the code! – A mobile application challenge for developers

Stay-tuned for Speaker Announcements….


Over the Air 2011 Session Proposals will soon close

Every year we invite mobile technologists & enthusiasts to propose workshop topics and help create the kind of hands-on technical sessions, treat inspirational talks, prescription and knowledge-sharing round-tables that they themselves are most interested in attending. Sponsors are offered the opportunity to run workshops as well, seek but this is by the community for the community – no price tag attached!
We opened up the workshop proposals form on July 5th for OTA11, and thanks to the fantastic response, we already have a fantastic draft schedule put together.  Workshops include sessions about the mobile Web, Apps of various stripes, hardware hacking, mobile development in emerging markets, design & user experience, open data & APIs, games, mobile film, and (of course, given our setting at Bletchley Park) security and cryptography.

The Schedule for Over The Air 2010

While we put together the details for Over the Air 2011, you can refer to last year’s programme as a rough guide to the format and timing of the event, which will stay largely the same.

Friday, 10 September 2010
Registration / Coffee [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
Welcome, Logistics, Etc…
Daniel Appelquist, Matthew Cashmore & team
Aral Balkan: The Art of Emotional Design
[Great Hall, Sherfield Building]
Coffee Break [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
Huxley 311 Huxley 340 Huxley 341 Huxley 342 Huxley 343 Huxley 344B
HTML5 on Mobile
Bruce Lawson, Opera Software
Hacking with #Blue
Richard Spence, O2
AIR for Android
Michaël Chaize, Adobe
What have The Guardian Ever Done For US?
Michael Brunton Spall, The Guardian
DIY Research Workshop – Informing the Design Process
Mark A.M. Kramer


Improving Your Problem Solving Skills
Rhiannon Horsley and Analia Lemmo, UnLtd
Tapping Into The Enterprise Market
Richard Pulliam, Alcatel
Android: It’s not Just About Phones
Kevin McDonagh
Orange Mobilise – the Mobile Volunteering Initiative
David Simoes-Brown, 100% Open
Jogesh Limbani, Orange R&D UK
Lunch [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
Rethinking the Mobile Web – A Pragmatic Look At Creating An Accessible and Inclusive Mobile Experience
Bryan and Stephanie Rieger, Yiibu
In-App Payments Using Paypal
Anthony Hicks & Saulius Zukauskas, Paypal
Prototyping for the iPhone with iProcessing
Durrell Bishop and Tom Hulbert, Luckybite
The Mobile Opportunity in the Developing World
Raj Singh
Pachube’s “Porthole” Software: Augmented Reality
Chrisopher Burman, Pachube
Developing Federated (Mobile) Social Networks with One Social Web
Diana Cheng, Vodafone R&D
Mobile Application Testing Workshop with Device Anywhere
Leila Modarres, Device Anywhere
Viral Survival Kit: Cloud Computing for Highly Scalable Apps
Matt Wood, Amazon Web Services
Connecting the Real World With Your Mobile!
Geoff Ballinger
Rapid Mobile Prototyping with Flowella
Tim Brooke, Nokia

What Would Picasso Do? – A Panel of Art And Technology
Bryan Rieger, Jason Fields, Tom Hume, mills™, Mathias Dahlstrom
Qt – productive app development for desktops and smartphones
Pekka Kosonen, Nokia
Building apps with data.gov.uk
Richard Stirling
Brian Fuchs and Vasa Curcin
App Development In The New World Of Windows Phone 7
Paul Foster, Microsoft
Android Localisation
Karan Deep Geddam, Motodev (Motorola)
18:00 to 19:00 Bombs Away: A Location- based Game that WILL Make You Run
Richard Vahrman, Locomatrix
It’s All About Location, Multitasking & Gyroscopes
Jim Brown, CTO of Cloudmade
W3C Mobile Standards
Robin Berjon
Kai Hendry
JavaScript apps for Nokia devices – state of the union and hands-on hacking
Petro Soininen, Nokia
DIY Mobile Design & Usability Testing
Belén Baros Pena
Lauren McGregor, Lisa Devaney
Dinner & Chill-out Lounge [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
…and beyond
All-night hack-a-thon [Great Hall, Sherfield Building]
Saturday, 11 September, 2010
to 8:00
Wake Up: Qi Gong Revitaliser workshop with Gong Fu London
8:00 to 9:00 Breakfast [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
9:00 to 10:00 Saturday Keynotes
Pawan Gandhi on Ovi Life Tools in Emerging Markets
Sir Tim Berners-Lee
on Open Data
[Great Hall, Sherfield Building]

Morning Sessions – Huxley Building

Huxley 311 Huxley 340 Huxley 341 Huxley 342 Huxley 343 Huxley 344B
Designing the Internet of Things
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Designing mobile services for emerging market users
Alan Wilkinson – Nokia
Privacy for Developers
Kasey Chappelle & Ricardo Varela, Vodafone
Pitch Workshop
Penny Jackson & David Terrar, DCKTN

Kiss The End user Goodbye
Ivanka Majic, Canonical
The Emerging Technology of Web Fonts
Vladimir Levantovsky – Monotype Imaging
The New Digital Divide (Or…I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means 🙂
Stephanie Rieger, Yiibu
Android Hands-On With the Cycle Hire Widget
Kenton Price & Reuben Harris, Little Fluffy Toys Ltd.

Exploring The Far Reaches of The Mobile Interaction Continuum
Paul Coulton
Tap it! Designing Awesome Mobile Experiences
Brian Fling
Entrepreneurs on the Mobile Web in Ghana
Steve Wolak, Vodafone
Bringin’ Home the Bacon – The Economics of Your Ad Supported Application Business
Limvirak Chea, InMobi

Lunch [Dining Hall, Ground Floor, Sherfield Building]
Competition Presentations [Great Hall, Sherfield Building]
Break for Judging
Awards & Wrap-up [Great Hall, Sherfield Building]

Impromptu Sessions – the ‘unconference’ part

The wider mobile community always come together to contribute to a fantastic schedule, in the lovely grass-roots fashion that is at the heart of Over the Air.

What you may not realise, is that we also have a room set aside as a ‘Camp Room’ throughout the entire programme, where the attendees of Over the Air can spontaneously create and host any session, workshop, round-table discussion that they please!

We’ll have a wall schedule posted where you can scribble in your Camp Room bookings with a title for the session. Please use the #ota11 hashtag on Twitter to propose ideas and to post descriptions of the sessions you’ve pulled together.

The Wall Schedule 2008