Appcelerator is Saturday Lunch sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Appcelerator is sponsoring Lunch on Saturday at Over the Air 2011.

Appcelerator helps Web developers create Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop applications.

The success of iPhone and Android, the emergence of Tablet computing, and the promise of Desktop Linux have created great opportunities for application developers … as well as created a new set of challenges. While the market for applications is larger than ever before, developing and supporting multiple platforms can be complicated and expensive. Enter Appcelerator, a new platform and services company that is enabling Web developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop platforms.

The Titanium Developer Platform makes cross-platform native application development easy.

A free and open source application development platform, Titanium lets you create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Learn More.

Liz Myers of the London Titanium Group will be giving a workshop on From zero to App-Super-Hero with Titanium on Friday at 18:00 in the Library.

You may be interested to know that Appcelerator had their first ever developer conference in September – slides and keynote presentations are available here:
Be sure to check out their developer contest for the best Twitter client library implementation – details here:

The Ericsson Labs Networked Society Challenge

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc phones up for grabs

Are you a developer under time pressure from your project manager?  Have you ever thought, “I can skip the security features since it doesn’t add any visible to my project”?  If the answer is no, then you’ve probably never had a tight deadline.  We don’t need to tell how much credibility you will lose if your projects lack security, but what we can do is show you how to add security features without a massive time loss. Join us for our workshop, Securing your Internet Fridge: Security in a Networked Society at 18:00 on Friday evening.

In addition to our workshop, we are giving away a prize during the hack-a-thon.  The Ericsson Labs’ Challenge could win you a Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc phone, donated by our key partner SonyEricsson.

The app you submit must include the following items:

  • It must address the theme, “Apps for the Networked Society in some way.
  • Use at least one Ericsson Labs API; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a security API.
  • It must be based on the Android platform (Web or Native)

Submitted apps will be judged based on these evaluation criteria:

  • The inclusion of at least one Ericsson Labs API
  • How well it addresses the theme “Apps for the Networked Society
  • How innovative the solution is
  • The Business potential for your app

Another Chance to Win – The OTA11 Quiz Cards

See you there!Winning a Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc has never been easier.  All you have to do is fill out our quiz card that you will find in your Bletchley Park Lunch Bag on Friday, then bring it to our lounge in the Ante Room during the 4:30 break to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

The Ericsson Application Awards

As an added incentive to participate in our challenge, any application that you present to us at Over the Air may also be submitted to our annual competition, the Ericsson Application Awards (EAA).  The EAA is an annual, global competition for developers on the Android platform.  The competition is an opportunity for teams to get exposure, recognition, contacts within the telecom world as well as a chance to win up to €15,000.

The deadline for team registration for the main competition of the Ericsson Application Awards is February 1 and the last date for application submission is February 28. There are also ongoing mini-challenges from now until the final deadline, so keep an eye out for those on the campaign site [].






HMGCC is Gold Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre is Gold Sponsor of Over the Air 2011

This is not your average job… when you’re dealing with the UK’s National Security there are no margins for error.

From day one you will be part of a multi-skilled project team delivering communication systems for use by Her Majesty’s Government at home and overseas. Not an easy task given the challenging requirements of securing Government information in today’s world. We are looking for people who thrive in a team environment, relish the challenge of problem solving and who are passionate about engineering.

Our home is at Hanslope Park, deep in the heart of unspoilt Buckinghamshire. It is a government centre of excellence, modelled along commercial lines. More than 500 of us combine the creative adrenalin of a small-to-medium sized technology company with the in-depth resources and security of a much larger organisation.

Our work is as serious as it is challenging. We research, design and develop secure communication systems, hardware and software specifically for HM Government use, both at home and overseas. We handle a huge number of projects at any one time. These last anything from under 5 days to a few years and bring with them infinite challenges. The sheer variety is immensely stimulating, and we cover entire product lifecycles.

HMGCC is a melting pot of people with all kinds of skills, experiences and technical disciplines. It’s where we join forces and exchange ideas in a very free-thinking environment. Under one massive roof, we house innovators in:

    • Software
    • Electronics
    • Data Networking
    • IT Systems development
    • Embedded Systems
    • Systems Engineering
    • Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing
    • Radio Frequency
    • Signal Processing
    • Power Sources
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    • Acoustics
    • Programme and Project Managers
    • Corporate Services

WAC is a sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) is a Sponsor of Over the Air 2011.

WAC is currently focused on two key streams of work and development. Firstly, the development of a suite of web run times based on HTML5 technology with the addition of mobile specific functionality. This enables developers to create feature rich applications that work across multiple operating systems and device types, without the need for expensive porting or costly re-development. Our simple one stop submission service allows you to get your application to multiple operators apps stores – with services launching in Asia in October 2011.

Secondly, with the support of its member operators and OEMs, WAC has been developing a standard set of network APIs that will allow developers to create and monetise applications that maximise the convenience of cross-operator billing. These are designed to provide end users with a safe, secure, reliable and simple method of purchasing digital goods and services. We have a beta programme ongoing – so let us know if you’re interested in taking part (@wacapps or

If you’re a developer and you’re:

  • interested in getting involved in the WAC Network API ‘Beta’ programme
  • looking to take advantage of cross-operator billing and other operator enablers
  • wanting to maximise downloads and revenue,
  • keen to know more about how you can reach millions of customers using WAC’s submission and settlement services or
  • looking to understand more about the amazing potential of HTML5 powered web applications……..then come and find us – we’re here to help you make money out of mobile.

We at look forward to seeing you at the Over the Air event. Contact us @wacapps.

Marmalade is sponsoring Saturday Breakfast

We are very pleased to announce that Marmalade is sponsoring Saturday morning breakfast at Over the Air 2011

Marmalade makes software that lets developers build and distribute cross-platform applications quickly, easily and without compromise. Our true cross-platform technology provides the best performance and the best portability – and all within the industry’s most open and flexible development environment.

That’s why tens of thousands of the world’s leading developers use Marmalade.


The ICT KTN is sponsoring Friday Lunch

We are pleased to announce that the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network is sponsoring Friday Lunch at Over the Air 2011.

The ICT Knowledge Transfer Network has been established by an industry-led group of leading players, with funding from the Technology Strategy Board. We seek to bring competitive advantage to the UK by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between the users and providers of Information and Communications Technologies, and helping to drive innovation in the sector.

Cyber Security – Benelux calls for UK SMEs

The ICT KTN is seeking SMEs which are interested in providing their Cyber Security related products and services into the Benelux market (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), or wishing to secure alliances and partnerships in those countries.

In conjunction with the British Embassy Science and Innovation Office and UK Trade and Industry, the KTN is hosting an event in Brussels on 29th February 2012 and here UK SMEs are being invited to present on their Cyber Security related offerings to an audience of key contacts from Benelux. There will be plenty of networking opportunities – both organised and informal – to meet key people in the Benelux Cyber Security industry and UKTI.

If your company is interested in taking part in this opportunity please click on this link to read further information at the Cyber Security Group.

PayPal are a Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that PayPal is a Sponsor of Over the Air 2011.


In November 2009, PayPal opened its global payments platform to third-party developers, ushering in a new generation of innovative payments. PayPal X is the world’s first truly open global online payment platform – giving developers access to its global payment engine built over the last decade with more than 100 million active PayPal accounts available in 190 markets and 25 currencies. The PayPal X Developer Network puts developers in the driver’s seat, providing the resources and the tools needed to change the future of payments – from mobile apps to web apps and social networks. Developers can now monetize their ideas and tap into the $30 trillion global payments opportunity – the next wave of payments innovation is now in their hands.

The Guardian is sponsoring Friday Breakfast

We are pleased to announce that the Guardian Open Platform team is sponsoring Breakfast on Friday at Over the Air 2011.

The Guardian Open Platform is part of the Guardian’s ongoing digital engagement strategy.  Encompassing such projects as the Guardian Content API which gives access to over 10 years of journalistic content, the Data Blog which provides the data behind the popular stories and the Guardian Developer Network which is improving the conversation between developers and journalists.

BBC Future Media is Gold Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that the BBC Future Media is a Gold Sponsor of Over the 2011!

BBC Future Media is the driving force behind the BBC’s digital media proposition. We design, develop and run digital services and products. Our aim is to allow audiences to enjoy the BBC’s best content via their preferred route, whether that’s online, via mobile, or through internet-connected TV.

This cutting-edge group is responsible for delivering the BBC iPlayer (online and on TV), the BBC News site, BBC Weather site, BBC Children’s games on TV and online, the Red Button, the BBC Wildlife finder, BBC Lab UK and the BBC Radio 1 Chart, to name just a few.

To create such unique digital media offerings on this scale requires many teams working with a common purpose, using different technologies. These include software engineers, technologists, testers, user-experience designers, product managers and business analysts. Together, we create the concepts, then design and build the platforms to give the user an online experience that comes alive.

Vodafone are a Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Vodafone are Sponsors of Over the Air 2011

Vodafone developer and Vodafone Foundation are working together to promote the development of IT applications designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities and older people to help them become more actively involved in society. And to support this they have launched a new competition, The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards with a total prize fund of €200k split equally between the four winners. The competition is open from 14 June 2011 to 15 October 2011.

The programme is supported and co-organized by AGE Platform Europe, the European network of around 160 organisations of and for people aged 50+, and the European Disability Forum (EDF), the NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities.

To learn more about this initiative and about working with Vodafone then please come speak to the team at Over the Air. You can also find out more about the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards and enter here –