The Guardian is sponsoring Friday Breakfast

We are pleased to announce that the Guardian Open Platform team is sponsoring Breakfast on Friday at Over the Air 2011.

The Guardian Open Platform is part of the Guardian’s ongoing digital engagement strategy.  Encompassing such projects as the Guardian Content API which gives access to over 10 years of journalistic content, the Data Blog which provides the data behind the popular stories and the Guardian Developer Network which is improving the conversation between developers and journalists.

BBC Future Media is Gold Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that the BBC Future Media is a Gold Sponsor of Over the 2011!

BBC Future Media is the driving force behind the BBC’s digital media proposition. We design, develop and run digital services and products. Our aim is to allow audiences to enjoy the BBC’s best content via their preferred route, whether that’s online, via mobile, or through internet-connected TV.

This cutting-edge group is responsible for delivering the BBC iPlayer (online and on TV), the BBC News site, BBC Weather site, BBC Children’s games on TV and online, the Red Button, the BBC Wildlife finder, BBC Lab UK and the BBC Radio 1 Chart, to name just a few.

To create such unique digital media offerings on this scale requires many teams working with a common purpose, using different technologies. These include software engineers, technologists, testers, user-experience designers, product managers and business analysts. Together, we create the concepts, then design and build the platforms to give the user an online experience that comes alive.

Vodafone are a Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Vodafone are Sponsors of Over the Air 2011

Vodafone developer and Vodafone Foundation are working together to promote the development of IT applications designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities and older people to help them become more actively involved in society. And to support this they have launched a new competition, The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards with a total prize fund of €200k split equally between the four winners. The competition is open from 14 June 2011 to 15 October 2011.

The programme is supported and co-organized by AGE Platform Europe, the European network of around 160 organisations of and for people aged 50+, and the European Disability Forum (EDF), the NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities.

To learn more about this initiative and about working with Vodafone then please come speak to the team at Over the Air. You can also find out more about the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards and enter here –

Ericsson Labs are Gold Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Ericsson Labs are a Gold Sponsor of Over the Air 2011.

Today’s mobile and digital life is expanding into more areas of society and business. We now stand on the brink of fundamental innovation opportunities across industries, public services and in private life. Over the coming years, technology advances and information and communication infrastructure performance will rapidly increase. This will enable new opportunities for people to create, learn, sustain and innovate to create a positive impact on our world. We call this new emerging society, of which we have only seen the beginning, the “Networked Society”. At Ericsson Labs we are using innovation to empower people, business and society. We assist innovators – application and software developers – to find inspiration and turn ideas into reality. Our purpose is to support Ericsson’s vision of the Networked Society by working with partners – technology providers and third-party developers.


Pearson is WiFi Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that Pearson is sponsoring our WiFi coverage at Over the Air this year, ensuring that we once again have excellent connectivity throughout the event!

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company and includes Penguin, the Financial Times, our Education business, and the Developer platform Plug & Play (

Our education imprints combine 150 years of experience with online support for every learner. We provide education and assessment services in over 75 countries. Every day our work helps learning flourish, and wherever learning  flourishes, so do people.  For more information, please contact Diana Stepner (

BlueVia is Gold Sponsor of OTA11

We are pleased to announce that BlueVia is Gold Sponsor of Over the Air 2011

BlueVia is the new global developer platform from Telefonica that helps developers take apps, web services, and ideas to market. BlueVia is built on four founding principles: Scale, Tools, Business Models, and Path to Market. BlueVia offers ground breaking, zero risk, business models for developers, along with ‘mix & match’ models to create multiple revenue streams. For more information, documentation and video tutorials, go to

BlueVia Introduced

BlueVia Business Models from BlueVia on Vimeo.