Enter the Hackathon

The Entry Form is now Live!

A major part of Over the Air is the Hackathon – which starts at the end of the Friday morning Keynote, and continues through the day and overnight until it is time for the Show & Tell on Saturday afternoon. There are a wide range of Challenges to inspire your ideas for a hack, as well as general technology Categories to enter – find out more here.

We invite participants to be creative & inventive, without any pressure for their ideas to be commercially viable or even feasible in the real world. The idea is to get some new skills under your belt, share & knowledge ideas with each other, collaborate with folks outside your organisation, muck around, and have some fun. And as always, there are some great prizes to be won as well!

How it Works

HAckingHacking commences after the Friday morning Keynote, and you’ll have right up until your Demo on stage to work on it. But keep in mind that the Judges will be taking their last sweep through at lunch time, and you won’t be able to submit a new entry after that time.

It’s okay if your idea for an entry pre-dates the event, but the spirit of OTA is that you don’t work on it until you’re at OTA. New versions of existing apps will not be accepted, nor will entries that have clearly been worked on to an unfair degree before the event.

To enter the Hackathon competition, simply fill out the online form that will be made available after the Keynote on Friday morning, and select the technology and/or themes that apply to your entry.

You will have until 12:00 on Saturday  to make your submission, in order to allow sufficient time for the Judges to take a peek under the hood before the demo’s on Saturday afternoon. You should aim to show an actual working demonstration, but it need not be perfect. Mock-ups are nice for sharing an idea, and will be allowed on stage, but won’t win you any prizes.

IMG_0757The Judges will be wandering around throughout the whole event to see what folks are working on, and to take a look under the hood. It’s not possible to show everything you’ve achieved during your brief time on stage during the Show & Tell, so do make sure you corner a Judge at some stage to show off what you’re doing. Collaborating and helping each other is positively ENCOURAGED. This is not a black box skills test!

show and tellAnd then finally the Show & Tell! You’ll be given exactly 90 seconds to present what you worked on. The emphasis should be on idea, execution (tools, languages, SPIs etc), and the final result. You’ll have a podium where you can plug in your laptop, as well as a video camera pointed at your device or to show what’s happening there.

There are some basic Terms & Conditions for entering the competition, which you can read here (and which you implicitly agree to when you submit an entry). But the two most important things to note are that:

  1. all IP belongs to those who worked on the entry, and that
  2. anything presented during the event will be in the public domain.