Mixed crowd on bean bagsOver the Air has been a unique tech-agnostic event for and by the developer community, featuring technical workshops where attendees can roll up their sleeves and tinker with new development platforms, operating systems, APIs, SDKs, hardware and devices.

Although it’s mostly about software development and hardware hacking, you don’t need to be a programmer to attend. Attendees have includde project managers, product managers, designers, entrepreneurs, students and many more. The common thread is that you are interested in building cool stuff!

At Over the Air we are proud to support the Hack Code of Conduct, and recommend that all participants give it a quick read.

Running a Session or Workshop

Ade's workshopThe workshop programme has been put on by and for the developer community. That means you!

We’ve been sharing what we’ve learned, what we love, what we’re working on next – by way of hands-on technical tutorials and demonstrations.

Topics have coverd an expanded definition of “mobile development”, which includes all things hackable – from the web to mobile applications to connected devices. We have provided ad-hoc space at the event for anyone who wanted to put together a tutorial on the fly, Barcamp style.

Giving a Lightning Talk

ignite talksFor those for whom a 55 minute technical workshop is not their thing, we had the opportunity to give a 5 minute Lightning Talk. (But don’t deceive yourself, they actually take MUCH more time to prepare!)

On Friday evening everyone gathers back together in the great hall for a series of Lightning Talks, put on by members of the community. Each speaker had exactly 5 minutes and a set number of slides with which to inform, inspire, enlighten and entertain us.

Find out more on our Lightning Talk page.

Entering the Hackathon 

circle of bean bagsThere have always been a number of defined Hackathon challenges, as well as general Hackathon categories to enter.

Everyone is welcome to work on whatever strikes their fancy, in teams or solo, and then has been invited to show us what they’ve built at the Show & Tell on Saturday.

Read our Hackathon page for more information.


Stay Overnight

tentsA core element of the event has always been that participants are invited to stay overnight so that they can work on ideas, apps and hacks on the fly – to be entered into the various Hackathon competition categories and demo’ed on the second day. There has always been lots of space in the great Hall to continue hacking, quiet corners in which you can roll out your sleeping bag, and outdoor space where you can pitch up your tent.

It’s a great vibe of bean bags, tents, gadgets, knowledge sharing, hacking & good geeky fun.

What people brought:

  • Their favourite devices and gadgets
  • Power cords and power supplies
  • Pre-loaded libraries and SDKs where possible
  • Memory sticks for easy sharing
  • A sleeping bag
  • A tent if you have one
  • Toiletry bag, towel, and clean undies

Youngsters are welcome – but anyone under the age of 18 is to be accompanied by an adult please. We’ve had some special sessions on for younger kids on the Saturday programme – think Scratch, BBC Micro:bit,  LEGO Mindstorms, Scratch, MaKey MaKey, NatureBytes, Raspberry Pi , Arduino and more….

Coding for Kids