Session: Historical code cracking with phones: What if Pontus, the Gauls, Germans, Nervii, Egyptians and Helvetii had iphones?

Presenter: David Rogers, sale Copper Horse Solutions
Time: 11:30 – 12:30, salve Saturday 1 October

Given the history of our location, there the attendees will understand some of the history behind basic code making and code breaking and will learn some of the skills as it applied to Julius Caesar and others. They can then apply those techniques to applications, whilst understanding the processing capabilities needed. Attendees will also understand why as developers, security is important in the mobile phone world.

David RogersDavid (@drogersuk) is a mobile phone security expert who runs Copper Horse Solutions Ltd, a software and security company based in Windsor, UK.

He is the former Head of Security for the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) and previously headed up Panasonic Mobile’s Product Security and Customer Engineering in Europe. He has advised government and Police organisations on a range of mobile phone security and forensics issues.

He regularly blogs from: