Sold Out!

Sold outIf you were planning on getting your ticket for Over the Air or just turning up at the door, I’m sorry to announce we’re now fully booked. All the tickets (and more) have been allocated and the registration system will not give out any more tickets. Over 400 tickets have been given away in just over 2 weeks, we knew Over the Air was going to be popular but wow!We have added standby tickets but if you register as a standby, you will only receive a place if another registered attendee cancels (on a first-come-first-served basis). You will receive an email confirmation if you are taken off the standby list.

How would you describe Over the Air?

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48 hours of mobile development organised by Mobile Monday London, troche hosted by Imperial College and supported by the BBC

Some people are calling it hackday for mobile development, while others are simply calling it a well timed event for people interested in wireless and mobile development.

Well what ever you call it, you certainly do not want to miss this event.