Speaker Announcement: Nokia’s Tim Brooke

Tim BrookeNokia’s Tim Brooke will be delivering a session at Over the Air on “Rapid Mobile Prototyping with Flowella,” a tool that makes it extremely easy for interface designers and developers to create working interactive flows that run on mobile phones. This allows for rapid iterations, improvement and better crafting of interfaces. No programming is required. It’s an entirely visual tool that fits well with current workflows.

Developers can use Flowella to rapidly create a framework for an application that can subsequently be build upon using development tools for AJAX, QML or Flash.

Because anyone can see a working prototype running on a mobile phone it’s a great tool for communication. Your idea for an app can be quickly built and demonstrated.

In this workshop, Tim will be demonstrating how to use Flowella to design and build an interactive flow, getting the flows running on mobile phones too. No need for programming just point, click and drag to create your working demo. The software is freely available from the internet: http://www.forum.nokia.com/flowella.

Tim has worked on a diverse range of projects from multiuser museum exhibits and robotic warehouses for British Airways to self-organising wireless networks in vineyards. He currently works in Nokia Design’s London studio, building prototype mobile devices from anything that comes to hand – Adobe Flash, Java, bits of electronics, doubled sided sticky tape, even Post-It notes. He values “learning through building” and believes that there’s nothing like a working prototype to explain, explore and evaluate ideas.