Speaker Announcement: Anthony Hicks & Saulius Zukauskas of Paypal

Anthony and Saulius will present “In-app Payments for iPhone, iPad and Android using PayPal”

PayPal will introduce their rapidly growing suite of mobile payment libraries and tool kits available for developers integrating payments for physical goods, services and donations. The first half of the session will introduce PayPal’s current set of in-app and mobile browser based checkout solutions, including live demonstrations and implementation examples. The second half of the session will go down to the code of level of integrating in-app and mobile browser payments into iPhone, iPad and Android applications. We’ll also touch on the range of upcoming features including mobile checkout without a PayPal account, subscriptions, pre-approvals and more.

Anthony HicksAnthony is a software developer with over fifteen years experience in mobile and web based application development encompassing a broad range of programming languages, technology vendors and techniques. Throughout his career he has worked in solution architecture and technical consulting to a variety of industry sectors, building a range of bespoke applications in the secure web, intranet, knowledge sharing, collaboration and mobile spaces. Now at PayPal, he works with strategic partners integrating PayPal’s Platform APIs. He advises companies on optimal checkout flows, order management and integrating seamless payments into all types of mobile and web applications. He has a particular interest in encouraging early monetisation of start ups through building effective usable payments into applications as part of their core, rather than attempting bolt on payments at a much later stage.

Saulius ZukauskasSaulius is a software engineer with more than eight years experience in various technology sectors. From engineering high-power network software and payment processing systems to secure Web based multiuser application development. Previously has worked for world’s leading payment processing companies Saulius is now with PayPal where he provides technical advice and consulting for x.com developer community on monetising their web and mobile applications. He is most interested in innovation within payments industry where developers now can engineer secure applications with in-built payment options by using web services and payment libraries.

For those that attended PayPal session on their brand new libraries for in-application and mobile browser based payments, please see https://www.x.com/community/ppx/xspaces/mobile for more information. PayPal continues to optimise payments for mobile devices with options for both in-application and mobile browser based checkout experiences on iPhone and Android.  They’re simple to integrate and make it easy for buyers to make payments without leaving your application or mobile browser checkout flow.  The new mobile interface has been designed to maximise checkout conversion through effective buyer experience, and build on the broad range of APIs already available on PayPal for creating a variety of different types of payments from one-off payments to subscriptions and pre-approvals.