Telefonica Developer Communities is Gold Sponsor of OTA10

We are thrilled to announce that Telefonica Developer Communities is Gold Sponsor of Over the Air 2010

The developer programs that make up Telefonica Developer Communities – O2 Litmus (UK), Open Movil Forum (Spain) and Movistar Developer Platform (Mexico and Argentina) – are the beginning to our initiative to create a global presence for Telefonica’s developer ecosystem.

Telefonica Developer Communities will continue to add developer programs from the company’s regional operators to build this global presence. We have big plans for helping developers get to market in the 25 countries where Telefonica operates, and the Telefonica Developer Communities blog is a platform where you can learn about our progress and participate in the definition and development of our platform and community.

2010 saw Telefonica Devleoper Communities launch the inaugural Developer Economics <>  survey, a ground breaking piece of developer research in collaboration with our friends at Vision Mobile . We believe report plugs a real gap in the market, covering the battleground for developer mind share, with detailed analysis of every touch point in the developer journey, from platform selection to monetisation. The research is based on a set of benchmarks and a survey across 400+ developers globally, segmented into 8 major platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Phone, Flash Lite, and mobile web. Download the report at

Telefonica Developer Communities at Over the Air:

Hacking with #Blue
Richard Spence (@spugamola ) will be running a technical session on an experimental service called #Blue <> , which is a place where users can automatically store all of their text messages sent and received. O2 have an API for this that we’d like to tempt developers to play with because we think it adds a novel twist to the theme of texting, which is still the most popular way of P2P communication on the planet!

If you’re a developer looking to co-create with real O2 Telefonica customers on your apps, the first step is to connect with the Telefonica developer programme. Follow James Parton, head of developer marketing at Telefonica, at @jamesparton or connect with him on LinkedIn:

Enter the Telefonica
#Blue Challenge (Friday @ 11:15 in Huxley 340)
Telefonica Developer Communities are giving a prize to the best hack on the day that uses the #Blue API. You can register for the API and associated documentation over at