Speaker Announcement: Geoff Ballinger

Geoff BallingerThere are many apps and services that refer to objects in the real world, e.g. shopping and product centric apps, consumer information apps, cityguides etc. All of these need the user to be able to show which thing they are interested in, typically from a very large range of possibilities.

Geoff will explore the problem of reaching out to things in the real world from the mobile app or service. He will illustrate the limitations of the typical text based search interfaces in the mobile environment and seek to convince the audience that they are not a realistic mass market approach in mobile.

He will be informing attendees on the wide range of approaches to this including at least:

  • barcodes and similar
  • visual recognition and search
  • location and compass
  • tags and NFC

… covering the properties and limitations of each technique, with numerous motivating examples.

In general these all provide a way of pointing the device and asking “what is that?”.

Geoff has spent the last 10 years working in the mobile industry in the UK, spending time at Panasonic OWL, Digital Bridges (now iPlay), mixipix, and Zamsana.

For the last couple of years Geoff has served as VP Engineering with Mobile Acuity Ltd, the UK’s leading mobile visual interactivity and search company, helping enable the company’s drive to become the world’s first white label visual search provider for retailers.

Geoff is also an organizer of Mobile Monday Edinburgh, and often presents at mobile conferences and events in the UK and beyond.

Speaker Announcement: Jim Brown, CTO of CloudMade

Jim BrownCloudMade, the location services company, enables its customers, ranging from large global companies to small, entrepreneurial developers, to create compelling location and map based applications and services. The company provides a powerful set of innovative tools and APIs that puts all the power of application creation, experience management, map esthetics and monetization in the hands of developers. With 13,120 developers signed up to their free developer services, generating thousands of market-leading applications based on the CloudMade platform, there’s never been a better time to experiment with location enabled apps.

Jim Brown, CTO at CloudMade will provide an overview of his vision of what the location landscape looks like in 2013 and outline how developers can use location based advertising to monetize their apps. He’ll touch on the future of apps with location, how features like multi-tasking, gyroscopes and new location services will create a host of next generation consumer experiences. Finally, he’ll look at how crowdsourcing is an invaluable resource for creating the most contextually relevant content, location services and ads possible and look at how companies are embracing this new location revolution.

Jim is responsible for the technology and infrastructure of CloudMade. He came to CloudMade after serving as CIO at Sonopia, a US based MVNO. Before Sonopia, Jim was CTO at WinWin Technologies, building a CRM and advertising ASP around a real-time profiling engine.Before WinWin, Jim was COO of Fairgain, which was later merged with Jatak.
Jim held the role of VP Business Management at Symbian during the company’s fastest growth period. He came to Symbian from Oracle, where he was a managing principal consultant and practice director for technical architecture.
Jim began his technical career in the early 1980s at Kmart where he deployed the first distributed Unix systems into over 2,200 store locations and was responsible for international systems, R&D and strategic planning at various times. He also spent several years at GM/EDS implementing plant floor automation systems.

Speaker Announcement: Device Anywhere’s Leila Modarres

During this session mobile application testing leader DeviceAnywhere will unveil thought-provoking statistics from its European Mobile Metrics Report which shows the most popular and least popular mobile Operating Systems, networks and handsets that are being used today for application development across Europe.

Mobile app developers are often the “canary in the coal mine” of the mobile industry. What devices and platforms they line-up behind is often a critical predictor of which ones will turn out to be commercial successes. After all, consumers have an insatiable thirst for apps and they want the handsets and platforms that deliver best apps and the greatest quantity.

So the question is now: How are developers responding to this appetite? Are developers really lining up behind Android, and to what extent and how fast? Is the iPhone still king? Does that mean they’re downgrading their interest in another OS like Blackberry? What devices are they developing for? Where do Windows Mobile and Symbian fit into the app development fray?

DeviceAnywhere’s Metrics quarterly report is tracking the canaries. Unlike opinion polls and conjecture, this report shares raw data, providing an insider’s view into what developers are actually doing in the real-world. The data is sure to spark conversation and conjecture long after the session ends.

Leila leads the marketing team and is responsible for developing and articulating the value of DeviceAnywhere’s solutions.

Prior to DeviceAnywhere, Leila held management roles at several high growth technology companies – from startups to multinational corporations. Most recently Leila was Senior Manager of Strategic Partner Marketing at Virtual Iron a provider of server virtualization solutions, where she focused on establishing revenue generating partner marketing programs with strategic partners including Intel, IBM, HP, AMD and others. Prior to Virtual Iron, Leila was Manager of Marketing at PanGo, an RFID technology startup acquired by Innerwireless. Leila spent six years in the public relations arena at Porter Novelli where she supported various clients including EMC, Agilent Technologies, AMD, Nuance Communications and others.

Leila began her career as an editorial assistant at the Harvard Business Review. She holds a BS in Communications from the Boston University.

Speaker Announcement: Kenton Price and Reuben Harris from Little Fluffy Toys Ltd

Cycle Hire Widget for Android has been a runaway success, with over ten times the installs of its nearest competitor, and 93% of users rating it “very good” or “excellent”. Of the 100,000 apps on Android Market, it’s one of only about 50 featured on the front page, and it has also been featured in the Google App Engine blog, CNET and The Guardian. Now Kenton Price and Reuben Harris from Little Fluffy Toys Ltd will present and discuss their challenges and experiences in producing it.

Whilst they had some good fortune, they got some fundamentals right, and they’ll share and discuss these with you. Attendees will learn how to apply Android platform differentiators to a market opportunity for competitive advantage, and how to leverage the goodwill of our eager London community to help improve your apps. They’ll dive into the code, looking at the TFL API and discuss how they worked around the critical missing parts. They’ll discuss how to use Google App Engine for simple rapid cloud computing. They’ll talk about challenges they’ve faced, and how they overcame them. And they’ll discuss what happens when you take an app to Android Market, and the rapid revision deployment cycle for bugfixes and updates.

Kenton and Reuben each got the coding bug as pre-teens in the early 80s, with the ZX81, Spectrum and BBC Micro – our Android game Mole Miner was based on a rocks-and-diamonds game we wrote for the BBC Micro in 1985. Culminating in the thrill of Kenton having a game available in WHSmith aged 17 (yes it used to be the best place to buy computer games), they fell into separate careers in corporate IT, until deciding last year that Android was so exciting and the market opportunity so great that they formed a company to work on projects together, their boutique consultancy Little Fluffy Toys Ltd. They perform custom development as well as publish their own apps such as Cycle Hire Widget, Social Wallpaper and Mole Miner.

Speaker Announcement: Amazon’s Matt Wood on Cloud Computing

Amazon was an early leader in the field of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services. Now Amazon’s Matt Wood will present the latest and greatest on AWS: “Viral Survival Kit: Cloud Computing for Highly Scalable Apps.”

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services have been providing on demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. This talk will introduce the Cloud platform offered by Amazon, and discuss how mobile developers can make use of Amazon’s scale and operational experience to build highly scalable applications and games, and move to market more quickly. He’ll aim to cover:

  • An introduction to Amazon’s cloud platform
  • Content distribution and delivery
  • Patterns and best practice
  • Information security
  • Data mining in the cloud

This talk will include real world case studies and discuss how to survive the challenges of your app going viral in a cost effective way.<

As the Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Matt Wood discusses the technical and business aspects of cloud computing throughout Europe. With a background in the life sciences and a PhD in Bioinformatics, Matt is interested in helping teams of all sizes bring their ideas to life through technology. Before joining Amazon he built web-scale search engines at Cornell University, sequenced DNA in Hinxton and was responsible for the software that drove a new era of genomics in Cambridge. Matt is an advocate of open data, rapid software development and highly available systems.

Speaker Announcement: Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on AIR for Android

We’re excited to announce that Adobe’s Michaël Chaize is going to present a hands-on session on AIR for Android!

Ever wanted to extend Flash Player 10.1?  Do you need multi-touch in your mobile application?  Well, in this session you’ll learn about the new features of AIR 2.5 Beta on Android covering all the major features, including Geolocation, Multi-touch and Gestures, StageWebView, Camera and Microphone APIs. We’re going to build a complex application using both Flash Professional and Flash Builder, it might even look good!

Michaël Chaize is a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe where he focuses on Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Integration. Based in Paris, he works with large accounts that need to understand the benefits of rich user interfaces, leverage the existing back-ends to add a rich presentation layer and measure the impact on the existing IT teams. He believes that intuitive user experiences in the Enterprise are key to successful developments of effective, efficient, engaging, easy to learn and error free applications. He loves to promote concepts such as “Productivity by design” or “User Experience oriented architectures”. In his previous role, Michael worked as a Technical Sales in France and assumed the promotion of the Flash Platform in front of large audiences of developers and IT managers. Since the beginning of this year, he also focuses on Rich Mobile Application developed with the Flash Platform for Android devices (and soon WebOS and BlackBerry devices). You can discover several mobile experiments on his blog www.riagora.com

Speaker Announcement: Anthony Hicks & Saulius Zukauskas of Paypal

Anthony and Saulius will present “In-app Payments for iPhone, iPad and Android using PayPal”

PayPal will introduce their rapidly growing suite of mobile payment libraries and tool kits available for developers integrating payments for physical goods, services and donations. The first half of the session will introduce PayPal’s current set of in-app and mobile browser based checkout solutions, including live demonstrations and implementation examples. The second half of the session will go down to the code of level of integrating in-app and mobile browser payments into iPhone, iPad and Android applications. We’ll also touch on the range of upcoming features including mobile checkout without a PayPal account, subscriptions, pre-approvals and more.

Anthony HicksAnthony is a software developer with over fifteen years experience in mobile and web based application development encompassing a broad range of programming languages, technology vendors and techniques. Throughout his career he has worked in solution architecture and technical consulting to a variety of industry sectors, building a range of bespoke applications in the secure web, intranet, knowledge sharing, collaboration and mobile spaces. Now at PayPal, he works with strategic partners integrating PayPal’s Platform APIs. He advises companies on optimal checkout flows, order management and integrating seamless payments into all types of mobile and web applications. He has a particular interest in encouraging early monetisation of start ups through building effective usable payments into applications as part of their core, rather than attempting bolt on payments at a much later stage.

Saulius ZukauskasSaulius is a software engineer with more than eight years experience in various technology sectors. From engineering high-power network software and payment processing systems to secure Web based multiuser application development. Previously has worked for world’s leading payment processing companies Saulius is now with PayPal where he provides technical advice and consulting for x.com developer community on monetising their web and mobile applications. He is most interested in innovation within payments industry where developers now can engineer secure applications with in-built payment options by using web services and payment libraries.

For those that attended PayPal session on their brand new libraries for in-application and mobile browser based payments, please see https://www.x.com/community/ppx/xspaces/mobile for more information. PayPal continues to optimise payments for mobile devices with options for both in-application and mobile browser based checkout experiences on iPhone and Android.  They’re simple to integrate and make it easy for buyers to make payments without leaving your application or mobile browser checkout flow.  The new mobile interface has been designed to maximise checkout conversion through effective buyer experience, and build on the broad range of APIs already available on PayPal for creating a variety of different types of payments from one-off payments to subscriptions and pre-approvals.

Speaker Announcement: Nokia’s Pekka Kosonen returns to Over the Air

Pekka KosonenNokia’s Pekka Kosonen is no stranger to Over the Air. We’re glad to announce he’ll be back at this year’s event to present on the latest in Qt development. Qt is a cross-platform application framework. Using Qt, you can write applications once and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. Come and hear what Qt is about and how to utilize Qt’s productivity on smartphones and witness extremely cool coding demos!

Pekka Kosonen is working as Head of Technology Development in Forum Nokia and has long experience in mobile development with several technologies, before becoming enlightened by Qt he spent most of his time in the dark dungeons of other not so cool technologies like Java and Symbian C++. Pekka joined Nokia in 2006, first working in technical consultancy and later on managing Forum Nokia technical support team. Prior to joining Nokia he worked in a company called Digia providing mobile solutions for Nokia platforms. He also has several years of training experience, holds an M.Sc. in computer science and is a published author.

Speaker Announcement: Motodev’s Karan Deep Geddam on Android Localisation

KaranMototola’s Karan Deep Geddam will be presenting on localisation on Android

Device manufacturers are delivering large numbers of new Android devices to every region and country in the world. These new devices open up exciting opportunities for developers who have the foresight to localize their applications. In this session, you’ll learn how to easily add localized resources to your projects and use Android APIs to write products that will succeed in the global market.

Karan works as Developer Advocate for Motorola MOTODEV, the developer outreach division of Motorola Mobility Ltd. Works with developers aiding them to transform their ideas to applications providing all the necessary development support in form of tools, technical support, documentation etc.

Speaker Announcement: Durrell Bishop and Tom Hulbert from Luckybite

Durrell and Tom will be talking about the challenges of simple prototyping for the iPhone and will demonstrate a tool that we created called iProcessing. They will also discuss a number of other tools that might be useful for prototyping apps and hardware for the iPhone.

Durrell Bishop is an innovator in product design, price pills physical interfaces and interactive media. He was a founder of itch Ltd, ampoule worked in the UK for IDEO and the US for Apple Computers and Interval Research. He has lectured internationally on simple hardware/software interfaces and taught for many years at the RCA in London. Durrell’s large scale work for the Science Museum Welcome Wing won a D&AD Gold award in 2001. Durrell holds an MA in both Product Design and Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art.

Tom Hulbert is a product and interaction designer. He has worked for IDEO in London and has been involved in research at Casio in the US and at the Interaction Design Institute in Italy. His work at IDEO ranged from design for products and environments to user interfaces. Tom’s interface design for an Olivetti printer helped IDEO win the IDEA Bronze Award in 2007 and the 2006 Design Week Award for Best Consumer Product. He is also a tutor on the Interaction Design course at the RCA in London. Tom holds an MA in Product Design from the Royal College of Art.

In 2005 they founded Luckybite, a product design and innovation company that specialises in creating cross-media solutions to simplify user interfaces. This often involves mixing physical products with interactive media. Luckybite spend equal amounts of time working on projects for clients and speculative development of new interface ideas.